Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass Promises Abundance of Content

Episode 3 Act 1
16/09/2023 | Discover the abundance of content in Valorant’s Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass, featuring diverse cosmetics for all players. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant’s latest battle pass, featured in Episode 3 Act 1, is one of the most substantial yet. Riot Games aimed to cater to a broad and diverse audience with this pass, ensuring there’s something for everyone to look forward to. For just 1,000 Valorant Points (approximately $10), players gain access to an array of exciting content, including new weapon skins, gun buddies, cards, titles, and sprays.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1

In celebration of Valorant’s one-year anniversary since its launch, the developers took a reflective approach to this battle pass. They aimed to reconnect players with the game’s lore and agents, bringing a sense of nostalgia and story-driven elements into the mix.

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The Episode 3, Act 1 battle pass is set to launch on June 22 and will be available until August 24. It introduces three new gun skin collections: Jigsaw, Monarch, and K/TAC. The Jigsaw collection features skins for the Ghost, Judge, and Guardian, evoking a playful and colourful aesthetic. Monarch, on the other hand, opts for a sleek, glossy look with skins for Shorty, Frenzy, Bucky, and Marshal.

Lore-Based Luxury

Responding to player requests for more lore-driven content, Riot Games introduces the K/TAC collection, which delves deeper into the game’s narrative. It features skins for the Sheriff, Bulldog, Operator, Vandal, and Melee. These skins were originally conceptualized as base weapons, and their inclusion allows fans to engage further with the Valorant universe.

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The battle pass offers a wide selection of gun buddies, including some humorous choices like “Rubber Ducky,” “Salmon Nigiri,” and “Caught.” These buddies add a touch of personality to weapons and give players the opportunity to express themselves in-game.

Riot Games has described this battle pass as having the “most fun” metagame content they’ve ever created. This includes the introduction of the “Naked Op” card and the completion of the Weapon Schema cards with the Guardian, recognized as the “Best for Last.” These metagame elements provide players with additional challenges and objectives to pursue as they progress through the battle pass.

Spray It Your Way

To continue the theme of in-game terminology and meta content, Riot Games introduces 16 new sprays in this battle pass. Five of these sprays directly reference in-game terms such as “Clutch,” “Kick,” “Max Money,” “Rank Down,” and “Rank Up.” Additionally, there are whimsical sprays like “Cracked,” “Heavy,” and “Surprised” that add a touch of humour and fun to the game.

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The Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass promises to be a treasure trove of content for Valorant players, with its diverse array of skins, gun buddies, cards, titles, and sprays. Whether you’re a lore enthusiast or simply looking for some lighthearted fun, this battle pass has something in store for everyone.

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