VALORANT World Champion Saadhak in Talks with NRG and North American Teams

05/09/2023 | As the negotiations unfold, VALORANT enthusiasts are eager to see where Saadhak’s next chapter in his esports journey will take him. | Credits: Twitter

In a potential major shift for the VALORANT esports scene, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, a foundational member of the LOUD team that won the VALORANT Champions 2022 trophy, has confirmed early talks with North American organizations, including NRG. A recent screenshot from the stream of NRG’s coach, Chet, revealed a discussion between Chet and Saadhak. Fans quickly inquired about the nature of these talks, leading Saadhak to clarify the situation. According to Saadhak, these discussions are akin to networking in the business world and should not be considered concrete agreements.

Saadhak’s Perspective

While nothing is set in stone, Saadhak expressed confidence in his ability to leave a positive impact on the Brazilian VALORANT scene, even if he were to join another team or move to another region. He specifically mentioned his efforts to groom young LOUD player Felipe “Less” Basso into an in-game leader, highlighting his commitment to the development of the Brazilian VALORANT talent pool.

NRG is not the sole party interested in acquiring Saadhak. Brazilian VALORANT insider Noyn has indicated that other organizations outside of Brazil are also engaging in discussions with the world champion. If Saadhak decides to leave LOUD, it would mark another significant departure from the world championship roster, following pANcada and Sacy’s moves to Sentinels in the previous offseason.

Potential Roster Changes for NRG

Bringing in Saadhak could be a pivotal move for NRG during what promises to be a major offseason shakeup. Notably, Sam “s0m” Oh and Pujan “FNS” Mehta have publicly announced their departures from the active roster, while Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks may also be considering a departure.

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The talks with Saadhak suggest that NRG is actively exploring options to rebuild and strengthen its VALORANT lineup. The addition of a player of Saadhak’s calibre could significantly impact the team’s competitive prospects and overall trajectory in the North American VALORANT scene.

As the negotiations unfold, VALORANT enthusiasts are eager to see where Saadhak’s next chapter in his esports journey will take him and how it will shape the competitive landscape in North America.

Stay tuned for further developments on this potential transfer and its implications for both Saadhak and NRG.

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