Valorant Duelist: Top 5 Duelists for Beginners to Start With

Valorant Duelist
26/09/2022 | Duelists are the most aggressive and deadly role in Valorant. Be it for beginners or pros, everyone fears Duelists. | Credits: Riot Games

Valorant consists of more than a few roles that define the play fashion of the Agent gamers choose. Valorant Duelists are one of the core roles in the game. Recognized for being the first factor of contact. They are generally aggressive Agents that motivate gun fights and are anticipated to get the first kill of the round. Deciding which Duelist to play as a novice may be tricky, however, perception of their professionals and cons is fundamental when deciding on one.

The first-class way to select an Agent is via reviewing their capabilities. The playstyle they are nice acceptable for. And how challenging they are to master. Picking the proper Duelist can appear daunting with the developing pool of Agents to pick from in Valorant as the Acts progress. All with moderately complicated skills are affected by way of well-known balancing, accordingly altering their descriptions.


Starting tier listing is none different than the poster female of Valorant, Jett.

This Agent has a package that lets her take benefit of mobility to function herself at surprising angles to seize opponents off-guard. She makes for a magnificent amateur selection with her capability to break out of sticky situations. Her signature ability, Tailwind, provides her for a quick time the capability to execute a rapid sprint in the course customers choose. She is difficult to pin down in this country and can slip away from detrimental situations.

Updraft lifts Jett into the air for a quick distance and has two expenses that can be paired to achieve even greater elevation. Letting her attain some surprising and hard-to-reach places. She does have some much-needed crew utility. With her Cloudburst growing directionally-controllable smokes for her team, obscuring enemy vision.

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However, Jett’s ultimate, Blade Storm, is difficult to grasp for novices due to its success relying on a particular aim. It does furnish game enthusiasts with 5 throwable knives as ammunition which can solely be restocked if they are invulnerable to a kill.

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The modern-day addition to Valorant’s Duelist roster. The azure speedster Neon lets gamers traverse the map with accelerated velocity whilst boasting some electrifying abilities.

Neon is described by way of her ability, High Gear, which lets her dash quicker and even slide when required. She can without problems rotate between websites at stunning speeds and even ignore chokepoints with simply this alone. Relay Bolt fires a bouncing electric-powered cost that creates a diameter of electrical energy on the surfaces it touches. Dazing enemies caught in it. This ability hampers the opponent’s reactions whilst Neon rushes into the fight.

She can additionally create two parallel partitions of electrical energy with the usage of Fast Lane. This capacity blocks imagination and prescience and damages each person attempting to skip thru it. Imparting her group protected passage. Her ultimate, Overdrive, pairs flawlessly with her pace as it palms her with a lightning beam with excessive motion accuracy and is an awful lot extra forgiving to more modern customers who are now not as assured in their aim.

Although a couple of her skills require some Valorant experience, she is an ideal desire for every person that likes going quickly and going in style.


Raze is the queen of something that goes growth in Valorant. All her competencies supply injury and explode! She has a simple-to-understand package that novices won’t take too long to get the dangle of.

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Raze’s signature ability, Paint Shells, is her bread and butter grenade utility that has a preliminary explosion observed through extra minor explosions in a place of effect. The injury is adequate to neutralize an opponent completely. Blast Pack throws down explosive parcels that Raze can use to displace her enemies or propel herself in the course of her choice. When used effectively, she can fly throughout the battlefield to set up some lethal combos. But learning black packs will take a lot of practice to start with.

Boombot sends out an enemy-seeking explosive robotic on wheels that bounces off partitions and costs closer to any opposing agent it spots, ending in an explosion as soon as closes. Her remaining potential is Showstopper. Arming herself with a rocket launcher, she can deal large harm to absolutely everyone caught in its explosive radius, consisting of herself.

Even even though she has a full-size studying curve in phrases of movement, Raze will pretty actually furnish bang for the buck!


Reyna is Valorant’s most-picked Agent, and it’s effortless to see why when gamers appear at her kit. She is a vampiric Agent who advantages by way of actively feeding off the kills she receives in a round.

Her capabilities reward offensive-minded players. Devour and Dismiss permit Reyna to siphon fitness from the enemies she eliminates or renders her invulnerable, as per choice. This lets her remain in combat for plenty longer. Leer suspends an eye in mid-air that restricts the imaginative and prescient of any enemy that appears at it whilst no longer affecting her teammates. This definitely negates the dreaded crew flash scenarios, making it a good deal less complicated to use.

Reyna’s final ability, Empress, transforms the Agent into her demonic form, growing fireplace rate, reload speed, and handling. She can additionally forge Devour and Dismiss a limitless quantity of instances whilst turning invisible with the latter. Her self-sustainability, paired with a skill-set that rewards aggressive positioning rather than punishing it. Also makes for an excellent Duelist for novices to study Valorant.

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Pheonix is an Agent completely themed round fire, as his skills resemble some simple utilities in different first-person shooter video games however with a fiery twist.

Curve Ball is surely a flashbang grenade that can be tossed out in an arc to both aspects of the Agent. It’s most positive when used round corners to seize opponents unaware. Using Hot Hands, customers can throw down a puddle of hearth that damages every person making an attempt to go it. Also shutting down routes for their enemies. However, the potential will heal Pheonix if he stands inside it. The capacity Blaze raises a wall of flame to each dim enemy imaginative and prescient and harms all of us that pass thru it whilst recuperation Pheonix if he is in contact.

Pheonix’s remaining Run it Back leaves an anchor to which the Agent returns after its timer expires or if he is to be killed. It approves game enthusiasts to enter into combat or make errors with little punishment. With his easy potential descriptions and lenient room for mistakes. But it’s handy to see why he’s one of the great characters for novices to begin their Valorant trip with.

So that was the list of 5 duelists for beginners. We did not include Yoru as he is a little hard to play with. This article reflects the writer’s opinion and doesn’t intend to offend anyone.

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