Sunset Valorant: A Controller’s Guide to Newest Map

Sunset Valorant
13/09/2023 | Mastering Sunset’s nuances as a controller is not just about smoke and mirrors. | Credits: Valorant

Sunset Valorant has arrived, and it’s creating quite a stir among players. While some loathe its complexities, controller mains are finding it to be a breath of fresh air. In this guide, we’ll explore why Sunset Valorant is a haven for controller players and delve into some strategic insights.

Sunset Valorant: A Controller’s Paradise

Sunset, the latest addition to Valorant’s map pool, has garnered mixed reviews. However, for controller mains like me, it’s a welcomed change. Here’s why:

Chokepoints and Creativity

Sunset offers well-defined chokepoints and abundant creative opportunities. This map rewards clever controller play, making it a dream for those who specialize in vision-blocking agents.

A Solo Controller’s Dream

Unlike some maps where a double-controller setup is almost mandatory, Sunset Valorant allows solo controllers to shine. As a solo controller on maps like Bind, Lotus, Pearl, or Breeze, the burden of covering multiple sites can be overwhelming. Sunset offers respite by enabling solo controller comps to thrive.

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Sunset Valorant: Creative Controller Strategies

Let’s delve into some specific controller strategies and tips for Sunset:

B Site on Attack

As an attacker on B Site, consider this strategy: deploy your smoke on the boxes, creating a one-way smoke. This clever tactic allows you to gain the upper hand when pushing from the spawn side. It also keeps opponents guessing and can lead to advantageous engagements.

Mid Control on Attack

For attackers seeking mid-control, it’s crucial to smoke mid-top. However, avoid smoking Bomb Door too close to Mid Courtyard, as this can give defenders an opportunity to sneak in and disrupt your team’s push.

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A Site on Attack

When attacking A Site, ensure that your smokes cover A Link’s platform and A Elbow’s opening. Pay attention to the gaps left by certain controller agents like Omen and Brimstone, and adjust your smokes accordingly.

Sunset Valorant: Defensive Strategies

On defence, prioritize crucial chokepoints: B Main, Mid Bottom, and A Main. Use one-way smokes to gain an advantage. For example, create a one-way smoke at B Boba, allowing you to catch enemies off guard as they approach.

Harbor and Viper

While Harbor and Viper aren’t traditional smoke controllers, they can still thrive on Sunset. Their unique abilities require coordination and creativity. Learn essential Poison Cloud lineups and wall setups to maximize their potential.

Crafting the Perfect Team

Sunset Valorant layout and attacker-friendly design favour a double initiator team composition. Consider assembling a squad with two initiators, a controller-cum-lurker, an anchoring sentinel, and a duelist. While double controllers can work, the synergy between initiators tends to offer a more versatile approach.

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Sunset Valorant has breathed new life for controller mains. Its distinct chokepoints and creative opportunities make it a controller’s paradise. Whether you’re an Omen, Astra, Viper, Harbor, or Brimstone main, Sunset offers a canvas for controller players to showcase their skills and redefine the meta.

Mastering Sunset’s nuances as a controller is not just about smoke and mirrors; it’s about creating a tactical masterpiece that leaves your opponents bewildered and your team triumphant. So, embrace the beauty of Sunset and let your controller skills shine in the radiant VALORANT skies.

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