Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational Semi finals: Teams, Date, Format, Schedule and More

Snapdragon conquest new state mobile invitational semi finals
12/12/2022 / Snapdragon conquest New state Mobile Invitational Semi finals / Credits – Snapdragon conquest official

The snapdragon conquest new state mobile invitational league stage is now complete, and the semi-finals will begin. Only 24 teams qualified for the semi-finals after 32 teams played their 12 matches. The new state mobile invitational semi-finals of Snapdragon Conquest begin on the 15th and 16th of December. Because the format is so short and the event is only two days long, the teams will have to be particularly consistent in the semi-finals.

Teams will play in a very slightly different way, as we can see teams can adjust their drop sites and avoid drop fights that no team wants to eliminate in the early stages of the encounter. Because the number of matches is minimal, teams are mostly striving for safe spots. We’ll witness a lot of clashes in the end zone, with all sides vying for survival points, so every match will be quite entertaining.

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Qualified Team Names(SEMI – FINALISTS)

  1. Team IND – 189 Points
  2. Skylightz Gaming – 182 Points
  3. Gods Reign – 170 Points
  4. NEXGEN – 154 Points
  5. Godlike – 140 Points
  6. BigBrother Esports – 136 Points
  7. Team XO – 135 Points
  8. Team Insane Esports – 127 Points
  9. Enigma Esports – 99 Points
  10. True Rippers – 97 Points
  11. Marcos Gaming – 93 Points
  12. EsportsWalla – 85 Points
  13. Reckoning Esports – 85 Points
  14. Aslaa Esports – 83 Points
  15. Team Tamilas – 80 Points
  16. TWOB – 78 Points
  17. Chemin Esports – 78 Points
  18. Blind Esports – 77 Points
  19. Revenant Esports – 75 Points
  20. R Esports – 71 Points
  21. Team 8BIT – 68 Points
  22. BAD DEVILS – 68 Points
  23. TKS OFFICIAL – 66 Points
  24. NS Esports – 52 Points

Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Prize Pool DistributionΒ 

The top team will get 1.5 lakh INR as prize money, while the second and third-place teams will get 75 and 50K, accordingly.

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1st Place – 1,50,000
2nd Place- 75,000
3rd Place – 50,000
4th Place – 40,000
5th Place – 35,000
6th Place – 30,000
7th Place – 25,000
8th Place – 20,000
9th and 10th Place – 12,500
11th and 12th Place – 10,000
13th to 16th Place – 7,500

Tournament FormatΒ 

League Stage – This event has 32 teams, which are divided into four groups. The first stage is the League Stage when teams compete over four days and the top 24 teams advance to the next round after playing in all matches.

Semi-Finals –  The top 24 teams who competed in the league stage have advanced to the semifinals. 24 teams will be divided into three groups, each with eight teams, and will play over two days on December 15th and 16th. After all of the matches are completed, the top 16 teams advance to the next round.

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Grand Finals – The top 16 teams from the semifinal round advance to the final round. The event lasts two days and has 12 matches, with the grand final taking place on December 17 and 18.