Sentinels of Light 2.0 Bundle Valorant: New Skins, Features, and Release Date

Sentinels of Light 2.0
15/11/2023 | Get ready for Valorant’s Sentinels of Light 2.0 bundle with new skins and features. Explore weapon upgrades and release date details for an enhanced gaming experience. | Credits: Valorant

Exciting news for Valorant enthusiasts as Riot Games officially announces the arrival of the second Sentinels of Light bundle, expanding the popular skin line to additional weapons. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what to expect from Sentinels of Light 2.0, including the included weapons, pricing details, and the anticipated release date.

Expansion of a Fan-Favorite Sentinels of Light 2.0

Valorant has witnessed the immense popularity of various skin lines, leading Riot Games to introduce second bundles for renowned collections like Glitchpop, Gaiaโ€™s Vengeance, Magepunk, Oni, Ion, and Reaver. Joining this prestigious list is Sentinels of Light, marking its return with a new and improved bundle.

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Contents of the Sentinels of Light 2.0

The upcoming Sentinels of Light bundle will feature skins for some of the most favoured weapons, including the Phantom, Odin, Spectre, Shorty, and a Dual Dagger Melee skin โ€“ a fresh addition replacing the original one-handed Relic melee. This builds upon the success of the initial bundle, which included skins for the Vandal, Operator, Ares, and Sheriff.

Enhanced Features and Customization of Sentinels of Light 2.0

Similar to the first bundle, Sentinels of Light 2.0 skins will boast upgradeable features, providing players with a customizable and visually appealing experience. Expect improvements in visual and sound effects, reload and equip animations, kill banners/effects, and a stylized finisher animation. Furthermore, the returning colour variants โ€“ Pink, Red/Green, and Blue/Purple โ€“ will be available alongside the original colour scheme.

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Pricing Details of Sentinels of Light 2.0 Bundle

While the official price for the Sentinels of Light 2.0 bundle has yet to be disclosed, it’s worth noting that the original bundle was initially priced at 7,100 Valorant Points. Players can anticipate a similar pricing structure for the upcoming bundle, offering a range of customization options for those willing to invest in enhancing their gameplay experience.

Release Date Speculations of Sentinels of Light 2.0 Bundle

With Valorant Patch 7.10 having been deployed on November 14 without the Sentinels of Light 2.0 bundle in the store, fans are eagerly awaiting an official release date. Although Riot Games has not provided a specific launch date, industry speculations point towards a potential release alongside Patch 7.11, estimated to arrive on November 28.

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As the Valorant community eagerly anticipates the release of Sentinels of Light 2.0, the second bundle promises to cater to the diverse preferences of players, delivering an array of visually stunning and feature-rich skins for a more immersive gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to elevate your arsenal with the exciting additions from the Sentinels of Light collection.

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