Valorant Intergrade Bundle and Ranked Queue Changes

Intergrade Bundle
22/09/2023 | Discover the latest changes in Valorant Episode 7 Act 2, including ranked queue updates and the introduction of the Intergrade bundle. | Credits: Valorant

In a rapid succession of updates for Valorant Episode 7 Act 2, Riot Games has unveiled a significant shift in the ranked queue criteria and a brand-new skin bundle called the Intergrade bundle. These changes have the Valorant community buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Ranked Queue Changes: Ascendant Players and Platinum Rank Friends

Valorant patch 7.06, released on September 19th, brought forth a pivotal alteration in the minimum rank requirements for queuing up in the competitive mode alongside your friends. Ascendant-ranked players and higher can now only invite friends with Platinum rank or higher to join their competitive party. This adjustment aims to create a more balanced and competitive environment in ranked matches.

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While this change may disappoint players who enjoyed playing with friends across various ranks, it’s designed to ensure fair and balanced matches for all participants, ultimately enhancing the competitive experience.

Valorant Intergrade Bundle: A New Skin Line

With each patch update, Riot Games usually treats Valorant players to a fresh batch of cosmetic items. The trend continues with Valorant patch 7.06, as the community’s prominent leakers have hinted at the introduction of a new skin bundle called the Intergrade bundle.

According to leaks from ValorLeaks on Twitter, the Intergrade bundle falls under the “Select tier” category. Unlike some other premium bundles, it won’t include upgrades or variants for individual weapons. This bundle is notable for featuring weapons like the Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Operator, and a unique Melee weapon.

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Release Date and Pricing Details

While Riot Games has not officially confirmed the Intergrade bundle’s release, VALORANTLeaksEN posted a leaked image suggesting it will be available in the Valorant store on September 21st, coinciding with the departure of the Imperium bundle.

The Intergrade bundle is priced at 3500 Valorant Points (VP), equivalent to approximately $40 USD. Players can also purchase individual skins from this bundle for 875 VP each, with the melee weapon being priced at 1750 VP. Additionally, players who acquire the Intergrade bundle can expect to receive a Gun Buddy and a Player Card as complementary accessories, enhancing their in-game experience.

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In conclusion, Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 continues to evolve with substantial updates, including adjustments to the ranked queue system and the introduction of the Intergrade bundle. These changes aim to enhance the competitive integrity of Valorant matches and offer players an exciting array of cosmetic items to personalize their gameplay experience. As Riot Games continues to support and refine Valorant, players can anticipate more exciting content and improvements in the future.

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