Rocket League Garage: What Is It And How To Access

Rocket League Garage
Rocket League Garage

Rocket League is one of the longest played games worldwide. It is a cross-platform game where players from different platforms play together. Rocket League is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation,  Xbox One and Nintendo Switch being released later on. In June 2016. 505 Games began distribution of the game’s physical retail version in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment taking over duties by end of 2017. Versions of the game were then released for macOS and Linux were also released in 2016. The game went free-to-play in September 2020 because of the enormous support and player base it received. Rocket League Garage was introduced when the game was announced as free-to-play.

Players are crazy over Rocket League and its features like beautifully designed cars thereone’s are a lot of collectors and the collections are sold for a fortune. Big toy companies such as Hot Wheels and Funskool are investing in making such toys.

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What Is Rocket League Garage?

Rocket League Garage
Rocket League

The Rocket League store is one of the very top reasons for the game to last this long. The new skins, cars, decals, goal splash, and more stored are one of the top reasons for the revenue of the game. There are Credits in Rocket League by which you can purchase the bundles and the other option is to buy directly through your card in your country’s currency.

Rocket League Garage is the place where you can see all the skins, cars, decals, goal splash, rocket boosts that you own. You can also trade in your garage with the item you don’t need or an extra item. You can customize your battle cars, create different presets according to your liking and also manage your inventory and you can also purchase credits in your garage.

  • Presets– You can create up to 50 presets where you can store different customized options according to your liking. You can also rename them and they are easily accessible.
  • Inventory– The Inventory lists Credits, Blueprints, Bonus Gifts, and also the other items you have. Inventory is recommended because it is easy to go through the items you own.
  • Trade-In– You can trade-in your extra items or the items you don’t want with new items according to the rarity. Your items will be shortlisted according to the rarity and they can be traded if you have 5 items of the rarity. When you trade-in your 5 items, you receive 1 new item which can include any one of skins, cars, decals, goal splash, and rocket boosts.
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The Garage option can be found on the left bottom of your in-game home screen. You will get the options above when you click on the ‘Garage’ option.

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