Rocket League Frosty Fest 2022: Date, Rewards, and More

Rocket League Frosty Fest
11/12/2022 | Rocket League Frosty Fest event is here in collaboration with Lofi Girl. | Credits: Rocket League

Rocket League is taking part with famous Lofi song streamer, Lofi Girl in their annual Frosty Fest event. Here’s the whole thing you want to be aware of alongside the rewards you can grab when it starts, and the new recreation modes.

Rocket League is lower back with its annual Frosty Fest event, solely this time they’re bringing calm and kick back to the in any other case chaotic title. Collaborating with famous Lofi track streamer, Lofi Girl, Rocket League are mixing it up for vacation trips with new sport modes, rewards, and a notable soundtrack.

We’ve compiled the whole lot you want to understand about the upcoming Frosty Fest match so you can make the most out of the rewards and momentary matches.

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When Does Frosty Fest Start and End?

Frosty Fest will commence on December 14, 2022, and will consist of a collaboration with Lofi Girl, bringing kickback beats during the fest and special rewards.

As for the cease date, Frosty Fest will end on January 3, 2023, so you’ll want to clutch all the rewards whilst you can if you prefer to package your auto out in the Lofi Girl decal.

Frosty Fest Trailer

Rocket League introduced their Frosty Fest with a collaborative trailer. it aspects the famous Lofi steamer, Lofi Girl, and dictates all you can count on in the course of the video games vacation event. You can watch it below.

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Lofi Girl Rewards

The collaboration introduces a plethora of Lofi-girl-inspired rewards as properly as basic decals for the vacation period. The rewards you can earn throughout the Frosty Fest are:

  • Lofi Girl Decal
  • Lofi Girl Cat Topper
  • Lofi Girl Cocoa Topper
  • Lofi Girl Wheels
  • Lofi Girl Player Banner
  • Lofi Girl Winter Player Banner
  • Lofi Girl Headphones Avatar Border
  • Frosty Flake Decal
  • Snowflake Antenna
  • Igloo Topper

Three New Frosty Game Modes Added

Along with new collaborations, rewards, and events, Rocket League is introducing three brand-new sports modes for Frosty Fest.

These encompass Winter Breakaway, Heatseeker Ricochet, and Knockout. Each has it begin and stop dates and will permit gamers to strive out different, wintery fits all through the festival.

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The beginning and end dates of every sport mode are as follows:

  • Winter Breakaway: December 14 – December 21
  • Heatseeker Ricochet: December 21 – December 28
  • Knockout: December 28 – January 3

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