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Know everything about the Question and Answer World quest in Genshin Impact. Also know more about the kinghts of Favonius handbook and white iron chunk here. Read until the end to not miss anything out.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Question and Answer Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact currently brings many new characters, map extensions, and features to the game. miHoYo fascinates us with each update that it releases. The World Quests reward you handsomely with the Knights of Favonius Handbook but can’t help with items like White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact. The one we’re going to cover is Genshin Impact Swan Quiz.

Now, Swan’s Quiz is not a new addition to the game. But, it still gives you some quality rewards. For this, all you have to do is answer some questions she will ask you. They’re quite simple, and we’re going to cover each of the questions and their answers here.

Who Actually is Swan?

Swan is a Knight of Favonius who guards the Gate of Monstadt with Lawrence. By using the teleport point at Monstadt, you can come up to them for the quest. His personality blends much with the rule-bound Knights of Favonius.

You will be able to find him very easily since he wears armor similar to the Knights of Favonius. With a shielded sword at his waist, he will be on one side of the Gate of Monstadt. Swan is a Knight who is loyal to his kingdom.

What is Question and Answer in Genshin Impact?

Question and Answer swan quiz Genshin Impact
Question and Answer Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact 1.6, there is a very peculiar quest that players are yet to complete. This quest, as you know by now, is Swan’s Quiz. However, you can activate Swan’s Quiz by talking to him.

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After you reach the middle of the city via the teleport point in Monstadt, you can head over to the outskirts of the map. As you pass from the gate, Swan will be found on one of the sides of the Gate. However, the quest won’t start immediately. (Animalmedicalcenterinc)

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How do I Start Genshin Impact Swan Quiz?

To start Genshin Impact Swan Quiz, you will have to make sure you have the Knights of Favonius -5th edition handbook. This is to ensure that you have interacted with Swan before. If you do not have it yet, you can talk to him.

After you have gained the book from Swan, you can talk to him again. Basically, he wants the Honorary Knight(Traveler) to be aware of the principles of the Knight of Favonius. He will question you about the contents of the book and some logical questions. In exchange for taking the quiz, you’ll get rewards.

Note: You’ll require to be above Adventure Rank 24 to unlock the quest.

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Answers for the Questions in Genshin Impact that Swan asks in his Quiz:

These are the Question and Answer by Swan in Genshin Impact:

1. ‘What is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius?’

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Answer: Stormterror’s Lair

2. ‘According to knightly etiquette, what is the proper form of address to use when speaking to unknown individuals encountered within Mondstadt’s borders?’

Answer: Strange yet respectable travelers (Travelers)

3. ‘What is Ms. Jean’s official title?’

Answer: Acting Grand Master

Don’t worry if you’re only able to answer two. You’ll still get the rewards. Meanwhile, if you are 100% incorrect, you can retake the quiz. After you finish this quest, you’ll be rewarded with the following items.

Rewards of the World quest for Question and Answer Genshin Impact:

Knights of Favonius Handbook Genshin Impact
Knights of Favonius Handbook

x100 Adventure EXP – Used to level up your AR Rank.

x5 Monstadt Hash Brown – A 3-star rarity food item that restores 32% HP of the selected character

x20,000 Mora – Can be used for daily items and/or purchases from various shops

x1 Fifth Edition of Knights of Favonius Handbook – A collectible book

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Is there Another Quest related to Swan besides the World Quest?

Yes, there is another version of the World Quest of Swan. This version is much inclined towards a second or secondary test of the traveler. This quest is called the Question and Answer Commission quest. It can be completed in the same way as the World Quest.

You’ll have to talk to Swan for this quest again. He’ll ask you a few questions which you need to answer. The answer to these questions (in order) is:

  • Librarian
  • Cavalry Captain
  • The Outrider
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Rewards for completing this quest are relatively lesser. But still, something is better than nothing. You’ll get x1200 Mora, x3 White Iron Chunk(x1 if you answer any incorrectly) for completing the quest in Genshin Impact.

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What are the Knights of Favonius Handbook?

The Knights of Favonius Handbook is a guide of principles for the Knights that work for Favonius. Jean does editing of the book. You can also obtain it from Swan after reaching Adventure Rank 24.

Where is the White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact?

You can generally find White Iron Chunks nearby stone mountains or huge cliffs. Keep heading down south from the Dawn Winery along the path to the river. This is a good spot for farming. And the top of Stormbearer Point.

To mine them, a Claymore sword will be great. Swords will be good enough but not optimum. However, Don’t use Bows for mining. These are essential for crafting some 4 and 5-star items, so hoarding them is a good idea.

Are there two Question and Answer Quests?

Yes, basically, the first quest you’ll unlock at AR 24 will be the World Quest version of Question and Answer in Genshin Impact. However, the second part of it will be its commission version.

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