PUBG Mobile New Royal Pass: Month 19 RP Release Date, Leaks, and More

PUBG Mobile new Royal Pass
04/01/2023/ PUBG Mobile new Royal Pass / Credits – PUBG Mobile

Global users have now received the long-awaited 2.3 edition of PUBG Mobile. This upgrade gives users access to additional features such as theme modes.

Purchasing a Royal Pass is one of the finest and cheapest methods to obtain a variety of wonderful prizes like as colourful clothes, gun skins, and several other in-game goods. The current Royal Pass is coming to an end, and developers plan to offer a new version with fresh incentives soon.

PUBG Mobile RP Rank Rewards and other Information Leaks

PUBG Mobile has two Royal Pass options: Elite and Elite Plus. The Elite Royale Pass costs 360 UC and provides major incentives such as enabling RP quests, prizes up to rank 50, and respect perks 15 times each week. The Elite Plus Royale Pass costs 960 UC and instantly grants 12 ranks worth 1200 UC, as well as additional stuff, one preferred to emote, and a special respect benefit 30 times each week.

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The current Elite Royal Pass will be terminated on January 17, 2023. As a result, month 19 will begin around January 19. Players may obtain new stylish clothes, weapon skins, and other items.

Rewards for RP Rank 1
Players who purchase the Elite Royale Pass will receive the SLR rifle skin and the Female Frozen Set in RP rank 1.

Rewards for RP Rank 5
At level 5, players will get the Female Frozen headgear as an Elite award and a free RP reward in the form of an M19 RP task card.

Rewards for reaching RP Rank 15
Players that reach rank 15 will receive a free emote and an M19 Royal Pass avatar.

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Rewards for achieving RP Rank 20
The level 20 reward in the Royale Pass for month 19 contains a red bike skin as well as a free parachute skin.

Rewards for reaching RP Rank 25
Players who earn RP rank 25 will receive six RP badges for month 19.

Rewards for reaching RP Rank 30
An epic emote is the RP award in PUBG Mobile month 19 Royal Pass for rank 30 players.

Rewards for RP Rank 35
Players at this rank will receive a free VSS skin as a free RP reward, as well as six RP badges as an Elite RP award.

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Rewards for reaching RP Rank 40
The AKM skin is one of the most intriguing ranks 40 rewards.

Rank 45 and 50 awards have not yet been released and will be added as soon as they become available online.

PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass Purchasing Guide

  1. On your device, launch PUBG Mobile.
  2. Click the RP icon in the top right corner to access the Royale Pass area.
  3. Select the desired Royale Pass from Elite (360 UC) and Elite Plus under the RP section (960 UC).
  4. By using the in-game sore or another authorised way offered by Krafton, you may add the necessary quantity of UC.
  5. Purchase your favourite RP and finish the RP assignment to earn all of the Royal Pass benefits.