PUBG Mobile New Character Lorenzo, How To Get It Free

29/11/2022/ PUBG Mobile New Character Lorenzo/ Credits PUBG Mobile Officials

New features, upgrades, and more were added to PUBG Mobile in the most recent 2.3 release. From the Google Play Store and the App Store, players may get the game’s update. The game’s creators have also added a brand-new character named Lorenzo. Check out Lorenzo’s gameplay clip and additional information about the new character. Lorenzo, a new character in PUBG Mobile with amazing emotes, clothes, and other features are introduced. After a long period, PUBG Mobile will surprise fans toward the end of 2022 with the introduction of a male character, which many players will find interesting and categorize as their favourite character in the game. Since Victor has become the most popular and anticipated character, it will be interesting to see if Lorenzo can catch the user’s heart.

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Newest Character Lorenzo The Shrewd Veteran

The new character has the coolest MVP emote, which looks amazing and is certain to be loved by fans. And many use his swag way of emoting, which is more attractive. Additionally, the outfits are stunning; see, for example, how his iconic dress matches a ghillie suit check it out,



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How To Unlock Lorenzo Character Free In PUBG Mobile

If using UC to buy the character, it will cost you 600 UC. If you have 600 character vouchers, you can waive the cost of UC by using character voucher cards. You can easily get 600+ cards by using this trick if you don’t have any vouchers. Go to the event area now to see whether any voucher rewards are taking place; by completing in-game objectives simply, you can earn 100+ vouchers every day. Wait for the event if you can’t find it; it will arrive the day after the character is released.

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