PUBG Mobile New Character: Laith Release Date

New Character In PUBG Mobile
10/12/2022/ New Character In PUBG Mobile/ Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

PUBG Mobile officials just shared a new character leak on their social media handles, and the character shadow appears to be unique and elegant. The character’s name is LAITH, and he has an Arabic appearance. After a long wait, PUBG Mobile will surprise fans at the end of 2022 with the release of a male character, whom many players will find intriguing and classify as their favorite character in the game. Because Victor has become the most popular and anticipated character, it will be intriguing to see if Laith can win over the user’s heart.

The Master Tactician Laith

Laith is a master tactician who strives to solve problems in the simplest, most efficient, and skillful way possible. There are rumors that he is currently making a remarkable combat device. The new character features the best MVP emote, which looks incredible and will undoubtedly be popular with fans. Many people prefer his swaggering style of emoting. Furthermore, the dresses are amazing.

How To Unlock Laith Character Free In PUBG Mobile

If using UC to buy the character, it will cost you 600 UC. If you have 600 character vouchers, you can waive the cost of UC by using character voucher cards. You can easily get 600+ cards by using this trick if you don’t have any vouchers. Go to the event area now to see whether any voucher rewards are taking place; by completing in-game objectives simply, you can earn 100+ vouchers every day. Wait for the event if you can’t find it; it will arrive the day after the character is released.

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When The New Character Available In PUBG Mobile

It will come on PUBG Mobile‘s new update this month before the end of this year. Leaks have previously been published by PUBG Mobile officials. By finishing the free voucher event, you may obtain it for free.