PUBG Mobile National Championship 2022 South Asia Wildcard Semifinals: Teams, Schedule, and More


16/12/2022/ PUBG Mobile National Championship / Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

Ten out of the 32 teams competing in the PUBG Mobile National Championship 2022 South Asia Wildcard have advanced to the Semifinals, where they will take against six invited teams. The competition began on November 29 and includes a prize fund of $30,000. The event will end on December 30.

The top 11 teams will advance to the Grand Finals after the Semifinals, which will be contested from December 17 to 20. The final round, which is scheduled to take place from December 27 to 30, will also include five additional teams. Teams who rank second and third in the competition will get $10K and $5K, respectively.

Teams in the 2022 SA Wildcard Semifinals for the PUBG Mobile National Championship

Here are the 16 teams who will compete for 11 slots in the four-day Semifinals Stage. The Semifinals will feature three teams from both the PMCO Asia Spring and Fall seasons.

  1. Equinox 922 (Invited)
  2. NB Esports (Invited)
  3. ISSL Noob Alliance (Invited)
  4. CMC IPG (Invited)
  5. Retaliation X (Invited)
  6. RGC Opex (Invited)
  7. SITM Esports
  8. 7A KS AXE
  9. Stronger Esports
  10. Astra Esports
  11. Victor Gaming
  12. Inertia Esports
  13. Bad Intention X BIT
  14. Team Classic922
  15. BEE Esports
  16. MAKPEN
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Summary of the quarterfinals

SITM Esports claimed first place in this stage with 224 points on the overall table after an intense 15 matches for each team. In the Quarterfinals, the Mongolian team pulled off two Chicken Dinners and displayed steady performance.

7A KS from Bangladesh came in second place with 215 points and three Chicken Dinners. The squad displayed balanced play throughout its 15 games and will want to capitalise on their momentum in the Semifinals.

Stronger Esports of Mongolia scored 179 points in the Quarterfinals, including 95 eliminations. With two Chicken Dinners, Astra was nine points behind them in fourth place. Bad Intention won three of 15 matches and was eliminated early in a couple others. As a result, they finished sixth in the overall rankings.

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BEE and MAKPEN narrowly qualified for the Semifinals with 145 and 143 points, respectively, thanks to one Chicken Dinner apiece. Limit Over was only three points short of achieving the same achievement. Without a single Chicken Dinner, their trip finished in 11th place.

Despite winning two Chicken Dinners, PX Esports finished with only 111 points in 15 games and was ousted from the PUBG Mobile National Championship.

In the Semifinals, the six invited teams will face strong opposition from these ten teams. This will be a pivotal stage for all 16 teams, as the worst five will be ousted from the PUBG Mobile competition.

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Where to watch

The PMNC Wildcard will be livestreamed on the YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Esports South Asia at 5:30 pm IST.