PUBG Mobile Korea iOS: How to Download in iOS?

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Korea iOS: How to Download in iOS.

PUBG Mobile Korea iOS: How to Download in iOS?
PUBG Mobile Korea iOS: How to Download in iOS?

PUBG Mobile Korea iOS – How to Download in iOS: PUBG Mobile KR is currently unavailable in the Indian region of the AppStore. Many players want to know how they can enjoy the Korean version of PUBG Mobile on iOS devices after PUBG Mobile was banned in India.  Therefore, we are here with a detailed article on How To Download PUBG Mobile KR On iOS with the safest option.

PUBG Mobile KR is the Korean version of the most famous battle royale ‘PUBG Mobile’ produced by the same developers. While PUBG Mobile was banned in India on September 2, 2020, with more than 118 Chinese apps. Not a long time, Krafton has surprised Indian players with the Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement.

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How to Download PUBG Mobile Korea on iOS?

Note: – PUBG Mobile KR is working only on models after iPhone 6.

Follow the steps given below to download the PUBG Mobile KR Version:

Step-1: Open AppStore on your iOS device.

Step-2: Then go to the Search option and click on the following icon.

Download PUBG KR on iOS

Step-3: Then click on your Appstore account as shown in the picture.

Download PUBG

Step-4: Enter your Apple Id’s password.

Step-5: Then click on ‘Country/Region’ on your screen. Click again on ‘Change country or region’.

pubg mobile ios

Step-6: Then click on The ‘Korea Republic of.’

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Step-7:  Then click on ‘Agree’.

Download PUBG
PUBG Mobile KR on iOS

Step-8: Change payment method to ‘None’.

Step-9: Write Korea in the street and district option.

Step-10: Then select Busan in City/province.

Step-11: Write Postcode 201-409 in the Post Code section.

Step-12: Write any 10 digit number in the Phone option.

Step-13: Then click on “Done”.

Step-14: Search PUBG, You will get the PUBG Mobile KR icon, download, and enjoy the game.

Then, check out the official website of PUBG Mobile.

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