PUBG Mobile India: Instantly will be Published on Play Store App

PUBG Mobile India

Here we come up with good news for all PUBG Mobile India lovers that the wait is going to over soon. As per the inside resources, a notification or a ticket has been raised to the Google Play Store review team on 24 November 2020.

In the notification, it has been clearly stated when the game will get uploaded by the developer of PUBG Mobile India then it must be published to the Play Store without any delay. The team has confirmed the legitimacy of the source and claim.

The PUBG Mobile India team had briefed the Play Store review team that does not hold the PUBG Mobile India app for review and published it instantly when games get the upload to the Play Store server.

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PUBG Mobile India: Will be Published on Play Store Soon

PUBG Mobile India: Will be Published on Play Store Soon

PUBG Mobile India game will be published as soon as it’s been upload by the PUBG mobile developer to the Play Store server. So, that it will be available for all Indian users at the same time when the game gets upload to the Play Store.

Some of the abbreviations which are used in the post are: –

  • WFM team: Work Flow Management team.
  • “One Hold Do Not Use queue”: A portal for a Full-Time Employee to publish the app live i.e. not to be held up in the reviewing queue/reviewer.
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As per the leaks, the source has given some additional information that the same notification has been sent on 13th November 2020 also later on it was raised to remove. And now again the notification has been sent on 24th November, which means that PUBG Mobile India is coming soon.

Some source has claimed that the PUBG Mobile will officially get launch on 2nd December as they predict this as per the PUBG Mobile Krafton official update in which they stated that all the user data transfer will be done till the 2nd December of 2020.

PUBG Mobile India’s APK Download Link Appears on the Website – Click Here

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From this leak, we can say that PUBG Mobile India will get published in Play Store as soon as the game will we uploaded to the server of the Play Store. There will be no hold for its review or testing which Play Store generally took before publishing any app to the Play Store. This doesn’t mean that PUBG Mobile will be not available for iOS devices. The game will be available for both Android or iOS devices.

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