PUBG Mobile and Lionel Messi Partnership Calendar Revealed by Krafton

PUBG Mobile and Lionel Messi Partnership
22/03/2023/ PUBG Mobile and Lionel Messi Partnership / Credits – PUBG Mobile

A major partnership between PUBG Mobile and Argentine player Lionel Messi was just unveiled. Messi and a few football-related events will be included in the game as part of this partnership.

Using its social media channels, Tencent published the itinerary for the Lionel Messi x PUBG Mobile event. There are three distinct phases to the event, which has already begun.

Lionel Messi x PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary Event

Each participant in the Messi-themed event will get a special cooperation shirt as part of this phase, which they may display on their in-game avatar.

The second stage of this event will include a brand-new tactical equipment that may be worn by the in-game character in the shape of Golden Shoes.

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The third and last part of the event will provide players with bumper treasure. There will be many of Messi-related clothing options.

Messi has already acknowledged his love of video games and said that he likes unwinding by playing PUBG Mobile with his friends, family, and colleagues. Messi invited players to accompany him on the trip to this once-in-a-lifetime event with a video message. In addition to this, there will be a number of additional upgrades, including those for maps, automobiles, and weapons. Also, the publisher stated that they will be resolving a number of in-game glitches.

It will be interesting to watch how fans react to the upgrade. The Messi cooperation has raised the standard, and players are keen to participate in this new event.

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PUBG Mobile Upcoming Update Leaks

Patch notes for the PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 release were now published. With a freshly updated theme dubbed “Imagiversary,” the most recent edition commemorates PUBG Mobile’s fifth anniversary. The PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 patch notes state that this is a significant update with new content, game modes, features, enhancements to the quality of life, and bug fixes. Download the APK and OBB files for PUBG Mobile Global 2.5 directly from this page.

The 5-year anniversary of the game is being commemorated by PUBG Mobile Global 2.5. It has two brand-new spaces called Imagination Plaza (Big 110×110 area) and Imagination Districe (Large 110×110 area), both of which are filled with numerous boxes and modest quantities of resources. During a brief period of time, imagination zones are accessible on the Livik and Erangle maps.

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Moreover, the World of Wonder game mode now allows you to construct things for the first time. Custom game modes made by users are only accessible for a short while! Create your own setting with the furnishings, decorations, and structures officially given. Add gaming elements to create a variety of fun gameplay scenarios! Experience a distinct PUBG MOBILE with a variety of imaginative games!

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