How to Complete the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure Special Research?

How to Complete the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure Special Research?

Spring season is already on the go and Pokemon Go is also coming up with new events. A new season means brand new in-game items, the latest update, and research tasks. In this blog post, you will read about one of the latest research tasks of the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure Special Research. This one-week-long event is coming with an opportunity to obtain some free in-game rewards. 

Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure Special Research

Pokemon Go is one of few games which become the world’s most popular game in a short amount of time. Every Pokemon fan has a fantasy to catch and play with Pokemons like in anime. Well, Pokemon Go came up with a concept that can help to obtain this dream where you catch pokemon. If you want to know about the best location to catch the ultra beast pokemon then you can follow our guide on it. 

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After a few years, this game is not just limited to catching pokemon but many more interesting things. For example, you can watch the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure event for this spring season. New events give a new perspective to playing Pokemon Go along with many in-game items. Yes, you can obtain many spring season exclusive items for free in pokemon go. 

In this event, players need to complete 4 different challenges to get rewards. There is a time limit of a week and you need to complete all challenges this week. If you want to know more about the event and a way to complete these challenges then keep reading this blog. 

How to Complete Special Research Tasks and Get Rewards?

The starting date of the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure event is 12th April 2022 and as we know it will run for a week. In other words, the end date of the event is 18th April 2022. Furthermore, there are 4 different challenges players need to complete to obtain free rewards in pokemon go. 

To get the list of challenges and participate in the challenges you need to check the Pokemon Go Ula’ula Adventure page. You need to click on the research button where you get all details about the event. The event contains four different groups along with separate challenges in each group. 

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Well, To obtain these free rewards players don’t need to do something special but play normally. But the rewards are quite big in comparison to the difficulty level. For example, you can get thousands of XP and Stardust for doing what you do daily. 

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