What Does Orange Incense in Pokemon Go Mean?

Excited to know what Does Orange Incense in Pokemon Go mean? Here is brief detail about the Pokemon Go Orange Incense.

 Orange Incense in Pokémon Go
Pokemon Go

Orange Incense in Pokemon Go: If you are dedicated to Pokemon Go, you might notice the turning of Green Incense to orange. This will happen because of certain events and also for the limited time period. Also, there are complaints that Pokemon Go Incense is not working.

Players become get a bit curious about this new change of incense. But this change will help the players in the game. If you are trying to attract some Pokemon then this will definitely help you.

Pokemon Go has launched in the year 2016 but these Containers were first introduced in May 2020 in the Pokemon Go. Niantic may introduce some other colors to incense but orange is the only unusual color in the game.

Why is My Incense Orange in Pokemon Go?

 Orange Incense in Pokémon Go
Orange Incense

In Pokemon, Go Incense is the most useful tool in the game because it traces the location of wild Pokemon and attracts them to the trainer for a limited time. Mostly the incense has a green color pigment with a silver-colored structure.

Pokemon go players usually see that their incense containers are usually green, but they may turn orange. This happens during some special events in the game such as the legends event. Mostly the Incense is of bright green color but it may turn orange at a certain time.

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Why the Incense is Not Working?

Pokemon Go incense not working
Incense not working?

Pokemon Go Orange Incense not working issue can be fixed by changing your device timing. for this, you have to go to your device setting and change the device timing to automatic after that, it will sync with network time.

This is the most reliable solution for most incense problems. If your incense is still not working then contact support for the same.

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