Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG Collaboration Event Begins In June

Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG Collaboration
Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG Collaboration

Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG Collaboration Event Begins In June: Pokemon Go is coming with a new event and exciting rewards in June. This is a summary of Pokemon GO Pokemon Card collaboration events. Check here if you want to know about the new collaboration and amazing surprises for their players. If you don’t know then this event is trending for a month but after a long wait, players will be able to join. So, to get the latest information on the game event of Pokemon Go, keep reading this blog post till the end. 

When is the Pokemon Go x Pokemon TCG Collaboration Event Going to Start? 

Time: June 16th (Thursday) 10:00 ~ June 30th (Thursday) 20:00

Running for about 2 weeks from June 16th, The Pokemon Card collaboration event will be held for about two weeks from June 16th to 30th. The holding period is longer than in recent events.

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Pokemon Debut: Pikachu wearing a Pokémon TCG hat, Wimpod, and Goliospod

Kosokumushi will be newly implemented at the time of the Pokemon card collaboration event. When Kosokumushi evolves, it evolves into a bug-water type Pokemon called Gusokumsha. It is said that 400 candies of Kosokumushi are required to evolve.

Introducing Pikachu with TCG Cap

Pikachu with a Pokemon cap will also make its debut at this event. If you are lucky, you can see different colors of this Pikachu. Look for different colors during the event.

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Bonus that Occurs During the Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG Collaboration Event Period

#01. Different colors of Meltan appear

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During the event period, if you are lucky when using Mysterious Hako, you can get different colors of Meltan. You can’t usually get different colors of Meltan, so take this opportunity to get different colors. Not only will different colors appear, but mysteriously this cool time will be shortened from 3 days to 2 days. It’s also a chance to get a lot of Meltan candies.

#02. Wild Pokemon changes 

Wild Pokemon will change during the event. The Pokemon whose appearance rate will increase during the period are as follows. Pokemon that increases the appearance rate:

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysaur
  3. Charmander
  4. Charmeleon
  5. Squirtle
  6. Wartortle
  7. Alolan Rattata
  8. Pikachu wearing a Pokémon TCG hat
  9. Slowpoke
  10. Magikarp
  11. Eevee
  12. Spinarak
  13. Natu
  14. Aipom
  15. Name
  16. Bidoof
  17. Pidove
  18. Wimpod

#03. Ditto changes to a different Pokemon than usual

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Since the start of the Pokeka collaboration event, it has been confirmed that Ditto has changed to unusual Pokemon. During the event, the above Pokemon may have changed Ditto.

Final Thought

During the event, regional Lunatone and Solrock will appear all over the world. After the event, Lunatone will appear in the Western Hemisphere and Solrock will appear in the Eastern Hemisphere.

A collection challenge will be held during the event. You can challenge during the event period, and you can get rewards if you clear it. There are various levels of difficulty in this collection challenge, and you can challenge 6 types. In addition, an additional collection challenge will appear from the 23rd. 

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