PMPL 2023 Thailand Week 1: Overall Standings, Highlights, and More

PMPL 2023 Thailand Week 1 Overall Standings
20/02/2023/ PMPL 2023 Thailand Week 1 Overall Standing

The first week of the PMPL 2023 Thailand Spring has been completely dominated by HAIL Esports, who won eight out of a possible 20 matches to take the top place. In this tournament, the squad has accumulated 230 points, which includes 127 eliminations.

After a strong start to Week 1, XERXIA, who is competing in their inaugural tournament, finished in second place with 159 points. Vampire Esports‘ solid efforts helped them secure the third slot in PMPL’s Week 1 while TEM Entertainment, who finished nine points behind them and had three Chicken Dinners, finished fourth.

Bermuda Esports placed last with 135 points, followed by Sharper and Buriram, two underdog teams. With 122 and 117 points, respectively, Bacon Time and Four Angry Birds were able to take the eighth and ninth spots. A few well-known teams, including Infinity, MS Chounburi, Faze Esports, and Valdus, did not have a strong week, finishing the first week in positions 11, 16, 18, and 19, respectively.

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PMPL 2023 Thailand Week 1 Overall Standing

PMPL 2023 Thailand Week 1 Overall Standings

Week 1 Highlight

RNJ’s eight eliminations helped XERXIA Esports start Day 5 with an 11-kill triumph on the Sanhok map. In this game, they scored a total of 21 points. KOG, TEM, and FaZe Clan each scored 12 and 11 points, while FaZe Clan failed to score any points.

On the fifth day, HAIL Esports’ dominating streak continued. In the second match, they won their seventh Chicken Dinner with eight finishes, increasing their lead on the overall chart.

Both Sharper and ONI kept their gameplay under check and received 16 and 16 and 13 points, respectively. After this match, too, Faze Clan left the lobby without a single point.

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The impressive performance of TEM Entertainment allowed them to win an 11-kill Chicken Feast in the third round. 18 points, including 12 eliminations, were taken by Esportswala. Both HAIL and Buriram United put in strong performances, scoring nine points each. With five finishes, TEM Morman had the best performance in this game.

Eight frags in this game gave XERXIA its second Chicken Meal of the day. Nonetheless, Vampire Esports won the round after scoring 17 points, 13 of which were from eliminations. On PMPL Day 5, FaZe Clan played sluggishly and managed to score seven points despite losing two games.

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HAIL Esports’ ninth Chicken Dinner was made possible with Getslow’s help. The squad was able to win the game by displaying controlled gameplay once more. After playing brilliantly, Bacon Time and XERXIA scored 16 and 15 points, respectively. FaZe Clan played poorly yet again, scoring just two points.

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