PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia: Teams, Schedule, Format, Prize Pool, and More

PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia
09/02/2023/ PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia / Credits – PUBG Mobile

Beginning on February 15, 2023, is the spring season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia. The best 20 teams from the Asian nation compete against one another throughout a two-week competition.

In comparison to the last edition, the Pro League in Southeast Asia has seen some format modifications from the publisher Tencent Games. The 10-point method will be utilized to distribute the placement points as there won’t be a Grand Final this season and only one stage will be staged to determine the champion. The prize pools have also been decreased by the corporation from $150K to $80K.

PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia Schedule

During the first week, which runs from February 15 to 19, these teams will be randomly allocated into five groups of four teams each. From Wednesday through Sunday, there will be a total of 20 matches spread across five matchdays.

These teams will be seeded in the groups for the second week based on their standings after five days. From February 22 through February 26, there will be 25 games in Week 2. The teams’ cumulative point totals from their 50 matches will be used to rank them overall in the competition.

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Participating teams in PMPL 2023 Indonesia

The top 14 teams from the previous edition have been invited, while the top four teams from PMNC Indonesia have already arrived.

Invited squads from the previous season

  1. BOOM Esports
  2. Alter Ego Ares
  3. Persija EVOS
  4. Bigetron RA
  5. Genesis Dogma GIDS
  6. Aura Esports
  7. Morph GGG
  8. GPX
  9. NFT Esports
  10. BNW 88
  11. GPBR Esport
  12. HFX Esports
  13. Pigmy team
  14. Kagendra
  15. Dewa United
  16. NKINS Esports

Qualified teams from PMNC Indonesia

17. RRQ

18. Voin Esports

19. ARF Team

20. GLU Squad

This event will undoubtedly be thrilling for both players and spectators as famous players Luxxy and Zuxxy go to Persija Evos while Uhigh and Ryzen return to Bigteron. The incumbent champion, Genesis Dogma, will attempt to repeat their results, while RRQ, who came through the PMNC, will aim to win their maiden championship. Boom Esports also had an outstanding performance the previous year and will seek to get off to a strong PMPL season.

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Despite the event finals being hosted in Indonesia, the previous international tournament, the 2022 PMGC, didn’t go well for the Indonesian teams, thus they will hope to bounce back and reclaim their glory.

The other two Indonesian teams, Bigetron and Evos Esports, were ousted from the competition during the League Stage, while Alter Ego finished 14th in the grand finals. These teams will now focus on the impending PMPL match.

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