PMGC 2022 Survival Stage Finals: Day 3, Team Names, Drop Locations And More

02/12/2022/ PMGC 2022 Survival Stage Day 3/ Credits-PUBG Mobile Official

The survival stage progresses to the final stage, it’s a three-day format event with two days completed today is the final day, group GREEN matches are completed, they set the points table qualification benchmark, and group¬†YELLOW and RED have to play their final six matches, both group teams can change the table based on today’s performance. Teams¬†playing styles may change; those at the bottom of the table strive to get as many points as possible, while those in a favourable¬†position try to stay consistent for matches.


Group RED And YELLOW Team Names

Survival Stage Day3 Teams,

  2. Geekay Esports
  3. TEM Entertainment
  4. IHC Esports
  5. FaZe Clan
  6. Vivo Keyd
  7. Game-Lord
  8. BeŇüiktaŇü Esports
  9. LGD Gaming
  10. Agonxi8 Esports
  11. DRS Gaming
  12. Bigetron Red Aliens
  13. 4RIVALS
  14. Titan Gaming
  15. Nigma Galaxy
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Survival Day 2 of the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship League in 2022 As a consequence of the League Group matchups, some teams have already clinched a position in the PMGC Finals. However, as the PMGC 2022 League Stage approaches its last week, clashes are rising. Here, 24 teams from the Survival Stage will have one more chance to showcase their abilities. To advance to the Last Chance round, where they can compete for one of the remaining five spots in the PMGC Finals, they must first finish among the top 16 teams.

Match 1 : Erangel

Match 2 : Miramar

Match 3 : Sanhok

Match 4 : Erangel

Match 5 : Miramar

Match 6 : Erangel

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League Stage Prize pool: $2,500,000

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PMGC 2022 Survival Stage, RED VS YELLOW Group Drop Locations

Many teams may adjust their expected drop locations throughout the survival round, but many others will strive to hold onto their drop. It’s a key position for teams who do not want to be eliminated at this level, which is the final competition for PUBG Mobile PMGC 2022. The present stage is highly different. Check the expected drop Locations,


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PMGC 2022 Survival Stage Day 3 Watch LIVE

On the scheduled map, the first match of the Survival stage day 3 will begin at 10:45 AM (UTC +0). On PUBG Mobile’s official accounts on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, all of the games will be streamed live.

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