PMGC 2022 Ranking: Last Chance Round Top Five Teams and More

PMGC 2022 Ranking
16/12/2022/ PMGC 2022 Ranking / Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

PUBG Mobile Global championship mostly known as PMGC is incredibly popular among the world. PMGC already started on November 10, 2022, and it will end on January 8, 2023, along with the Finals. The first five teams will go to the Grand Finals on December 4. With 163 points, Brazilian team Alpha 7 took the lead. The teams such as the Thai team Vampire Esports and the Mongolian team IHC Esports each acquired 119 points.

The final match was well-managed survival gameplay by DRS Gaming from Nepal, who advanced to the finals. The group scored 111 points, which included 38 defeats. After winning the final game of the stage with an 11-kill Chicken Dinner, the Brazilian team iNCO Gaming unexpectedly moved up to the fifth position.

It was only by one point that the Russian team HVVP, which had previously competed under the name Natus Vincere, failed to qualify for the Grand Finals. Bigetron from Indonesia and LGD from China both failed to advance to the mega finals.

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PMGC 2022 Ranking

7th match: Erangel

Alpha 7 Esports is set to compete against eight eliminations to record the second chicken dinner. In addition to that Brazilian shows in the first place when compared to overall standings. Despite having three players leave the game early, YZZ put up amazing performances and helped his side score 20 points. Titan Gaming also played quite well, earning 16 points.

8th match: Miramar

After a lackluster performance on Day 1, Vampire Esports stunned everyone by winning their first Chicken Dinner with 12 eliminations. The squad improved their position in the overall standings as a result of this victory and started competing for a seat in the PMGC Grand Finals. HVVP was eliminated early yet still managed to grab.

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9th Game: Sanhok

Bacon Time made an incredible comeback to win the ninth game with 10 kills. This team struggled a lot when started to play initially. With another spellbinding performance, Vampire Esports won the game with 25 points.

10th match: Erangel

With 10 eliminations, HVVP won the match, improving their standing and climbing into the top five in the overall charts. Vampire Esports scored 22 points and Besiktas scored 21 points.

11th match: Miramar

Alpha 7 dominated the game and received a massive 19-kill Chicken Dinner for their prowess. With a second-place finish with a score of 25, IHC moved up to the top three on the final scoreboard. HVVP, Titan Gaming, and DRS played poorly because they lost quickly.

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12th match: Erangel

With 11 eliminations, iNCO Gaming earned a much-needed Chicken Dinner and moved up to fifth position overall. With this victory, the team guaranteed a place in the PMGC Grand Finals. While HVVP gained eight points, IHC and DRS came in second and third, respectively.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 has finally reached the championship round, with 16 teams squaring off to crown a victor. All of the participating teams are listed below:

  • NV Fire Flux
  • Influence
  • CheminNV
  • Buriram
  • United Esports
  • esport sgeeksamfour irate people
  • MENS2G Esports omnipotent
  • StalwartT2K
  • SMGA Esports
  • Alpha 7 Esports
  • Vampire EsportsIHC
  • Gaming Esports
  • DRS Gaming iNCO

The Grand Finals will be taken place in JakartaIndonesia, from January 6–8, 2023.