New Valorant Agent “Iso” Revealed in Leaked Image

18/10/2023 | Get a sneak peek at the upcoming VALORANT agent “Iso” and explore speculations about their unique abilities in this leak report. | Credits: Valorant

It’s been over a year since Valorant got its last duelist, but now, ego peekers and fraggers will finally be getting their hands on a brand new duelist with the game’s upcoming 24th agent. Not much is known about this deadly new character, but a new leak today might have revealed the name and look of Alpha Earth’s next top shooter.

Iso: The New Face of Valorant?

Popular data miner ValorLeaks posted a new screenshot of the agent, who is supposedly named Iso. They are shown wearing a black jacket with a flipped-up collar, with short hair, and a purple graphic behind them.

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If Iso is the official name of the upcoming agent, it would be a fitting title for a duelist who apparently cannot miss. Riot Games recently released teaser images for the new agent, stating that the new agent has “a little twist you never thought would make it” in VALORANT.

The “No-Miss” Agent: What to Expect

There are also videos previewing the agent’s talents as a sharpshooter, with the character shooting through the same bullet hole over and over without fail. Neon even states, “he doesn’t miss,” causing people in the community to believe the agent will have an aimlock ability, similar to Soldier 76 from Overwatch.

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On the VALORANT subreddit, for example, some think Iso will have an ability that removes recoil from his weapons for a limited amount of time. Others think he’ll have a time-slowing mechanic, while some are convinced he’ll have a version of the one-shot Golden Gun from Spike Rush that refreshes on takedowns.

Balancing Act: The Potential of an Aimlock Ability

An aimlock ability would be incredibly broken for a tactical shooter that relies on perfect crosshair placement, but there have already been instances of certain damage abilities with no recoil like Neon’s ultimate and Jett’s ultimate. As a result, it’ll all depend on how quick and accurate one can be as they swing into battle.

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As Valorant fans eagerly await the arrival of Iso, speculations and discussions about his abilities continue to circulate. While “he doesn’t miss” sounds like an enticing proposition for sharpshooters, it also raises concerns about game balance. Riot Games will have a challenging task at hand to ensure the new agent adds excitement to the game without disrupting its competitive integrity. For now, the community waits with bated breath for an official announcement from Riot regarding Iso’s abilities and release date.

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