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LOUD Shakes Up Valorant Meta with New Ascent Composition

29/02/2024 | Discover how LOUD’s innovative Valorant composition on Ascent is shaking up the meta, challenging norms, and paving the way for new strategies. | Credits: VCT

In the fast-paced realm of competitive Valorant, staying ahead of the curve requires constant innovation. Recently, the esports community was abuzz with excitement as team LOUD shook things up during the VCT Americas Kickoff matches with their revolutionary approach to the Ascent map. Breaking away from the traditional agent compositions, LOUD’s audacious strategy, led by their in-game mastermind Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro, not only challenged the status quo but also offered a fresh perspective on the meta. This bold move not only highlighted LOUD’s tactical brilliance but also ignited conversations about the potential for new strategies to reshape the competitive landscape of Valorant.

Ascent, renowned for its profound strategic elements and complex gameplay dynamics, has always served as a fierce battleground where teams display their skills. Typically, teams have stuck to a conventional lineup of agents, meticulously balancing their utility and firepower to gain an advantage over their adversaries. Nevertheless, LOUD’s departure from this traditional approach on Ascent, opting for a flash-heavy composition, truly showcases the team’s daring mindset and their eagerness to explore unorthodox strategies. This audacious move not only exemplifies LOUD’s dedication to innovation but also emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of competitive Valorant and the boundless opportunities for strategic ingenuity within the game.

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During the latest VCT Americas Kickoff games, LOUD surprised everyone with a revolutionary lineup on the Ascent map, shaking up the usual agent choices. Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro, the team’s in-game leader (IGL), went into detail about this fresh strategy in a vlog posted on social platforms.

LOUD’s Bold Move: Experimenting New Composition

Ascent, a well-known arena for top Valorant squads, usually witnesses a common agent lineup consisting of Omen, Killjoy, Sova, KAY/O, and Jett. Although there are some deviations, the foundation stays the same, with Killjoy sometimes subbed for Chamber or Cypher, and KAY/O exchanged for Skye or another Duelist such as Jett.

During their games against Sentinels and Leviatán, LOUD decided to go for a bold strategy, choosing Omen, Phoenix, Viper, KAY/O, and Breach for their lineup on Ascent. Moving away from the usual setup, this composition focuses on teamwork rather than individual skills, allowing them to challenge map control in a more dynamic way.

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LOUD takes an unconventional approach that dares to challenge the norm. Instead of following the usual meta, they provide various strategies to counter Killjoy’s utility. While Killjoy usually excels in retakes or solo area control, LOUD focuses on agents like Phoenix and Breach who bring the flash. By doing so, they aim to maximize the power of coordinated team plays, moving away from relying solely on traditional utility usage.

Saadhak shed light on the genesis of this innovative strategy, revealing that the concept had been in development for nearly a year. Reflecting on their performance in previous tournaments, Saadhak emphasized the importance of flexibility and adaptability, leading to the addition of Gabriel ‘qck’ Lima to the roster.

LOUD’s Future in VCT

Their refusal to settle for conventional strategies and constant pursuit of new ways to outsmart opponents sets them apart from their competitors. LOUD’s hunger for success and willingness to put in the hours of practice and analysis required to achieve their goals is palpable. They are committed to revolutionizing the game and leaving their mark on the competitive scene. Drawing inspiration from various sources, they create a unique and unpredictable playstyle that keeps their opponents guessing. Saadhak’s departure has only fueled their determination to come back stronger than ever and redefine Valorant strategy.

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LOUD is gearing up to battle it out in the Playoff Stage of the kickoff tournament, aiming to clinch a sought-after spot at VCT Masters Madrid. With exciting prospects ahead, the team is ready to display their innovative strategies and tactical skills on the global platform.

LOUD is shaking up the Valorant scene with their daring agent compositions on Ascent, breaking away from the norm. Led by Saadhak, the team is determined to revolutionize tactical play, fueled by a thirst for victory and a desire to redefine the game’s strategies. As they gear up for VCT Masters Madrid, all eyes are on LOUD to see what innovative tactics they bring to the table next.