What are the Top 5 Tallest Mobs in Minecraft 1.19?

What are the Top 5 Tallest Mobs in Minecraft 1.19?
18/12/2022 | What are the Top 5 Tallest Mobs in Minecraft 1.19? | Credits: Minecraft

What are the Top 5 Tallest Mobs in Minecraft 1.19: Minecraft has lots of cool features, abilities, tasks, and adventures, all for players but one thing that makes it interesting and exciting is mobs. Minecraft offers various types of unique and hostile mobs that it’s safe to say that you need to run if you encounter anyone of them if you want to survive. In the Minecraft universe, players can find almost 70 different types of mobs.

Among all the mobs in the game universe, but mobs with hight are always eye-catching. But do you know which mobs are the in the Minecraft universe? Well, you might have some idea about the  mobs in Minecraft. If you don’t know that worry not, in this article we have listed the 5 tallest mobs in Minecraft.

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5 Tallest Mobs in Minecraft of All Time, Ranked!

There are lots of mobs in the gabut not each one of them is tall. Even among tall mobs, we have pretty long lost but to keep things simple and interesting we have listed the 5 tallest mobs in Minecraft. The tallest mobs in the universe are:

  1. Ender Dragon

I think everyone can agree with me, that Ender Dragon is the tallest as well as the largest mob in the Minecraft universe. Ender Dragon is also the final boss so it is expected from Ender Dragon to be the tallest and the longest mob in Minecraft. If we talk about its height it’s around 8 blocks tall.

  1. Ghast:

Moving on with our list of the tallest mob in Minecraft we have Ghast as number 2. After Ender Dragon, the final boss of the game player can easily say that Ghast is the second mob in the Minecraft universe. As for the height of Ghast our second tallest mob it is around 4 blocks tall.

3. Wither

Wither is 3.5 blocks tall and without a doubt one of the most fearful mobs in the Minecraft universe. The player who has faced Wither in Minecraft already has an idea of how dangerous it could get if you fight with Wither. It might not be tall as Ghast but compared to Ghast, Wither is much more dangerous and scary.

  1. Enderman
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Enderman is basically a neutral mob and players can find this scary and mysterious mob in almost every dimension. Normally Enderman is around 2.9 blocks tall but while attacking in can get 3.25 blocks tall. One of the best and the coolest thing about Enderman is that it can teleport.

  1. Warden

At last on number 5 we have Warden, it’s 2.9 blocks tall and is also the first blind mob in the Minecraft universe. They are found in deep dark biomes and are really scary and strong. It might not be able to see you but it can easily detect you with the sound you make.

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