Minecraft Fireflies 1.19: Mojang Removes from The Wild Update

Minecraft Fireflies
Minecraft Fireflies 1.19: Mojang Removes from The Wild Update

Minecraft Fireflies 1.19 Update: The planned addition of “Firefly” is not coming to the game with the next update. Also, the renewal of the birch forest was not the updated content of version 1.19 in the first place. The test version of version 1.19, which started on February 17, 2022, has also reached its 11th release. 

Furthermore, it seems that new elements are coming and bugs are going fix but among the newly added mobs. There is no “firefly” in it. At the Minecraft Live in October 2021, the firefly is suppose to be add to the update of version Minecraft Fireflies 1.19. 

But it was announce that the addition will be cancel. The following is a video announcing the additional cancellation and a translation of the relevant part. You mentioned earlier in your blog that fireflies are toxic to frogs.

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Minecraft Players Are Angry After Fireflies Get Cut

As we know in the previous article, I think it is originally plan that “a frog that ate a firefly would drop a frog light”. When that couldn’t be achieved, the firefly’s raison d’etre (in Minecraft) diminished, and as a result, the addition was forgotten.

Since it was a new type of mob that colors the landscape, it is very disappointing that there was no addition itself, but in Mojang (Moyan) these days There seems to be an idea that only “useful things” is necessary. 

Minecraft 1.18 update The Wild
Minecraft Fireflies 1.19: Mojang Removes from The Wild Update

Minecraft Fireflies 1.19 Update: It was decide that fireflies that have lost the usefulness of “frog food” and “become a frog light” are not worth adding. Prize. Some people may still want to add fireflies, but this time it’s about how many crafters are happy with the addition of “bats that only shine at night.”

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At first, you may be surprise at the unusual and gorgeous sight, but as you get use to it and it becomes commonplace. You will not drop items, and there is no unique function “Bat that only shines at night”. It becomes.

It’s not too late now, so please do something about the bats. Also, regarding the “renewal of the birch forest” mentioned in the video, when I reviewed the video of Minecraft Live, I did not say “change in version 1.19”. 

Minecraft Fireflies Update 1.19

When are Fireflies Coming to Minecraft 1.19? 

I was expecting too much about this, or all palerysre are exite about the to be coming the concept art. Or maybe everyone is going to receive it as well, right? We are going to the word “wild update”, but it just thought that the birch forest would be reborn. 

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However, there is no change in my desire to improve, so of course, I would be happy if I was reborn as a birch forest like a concept art at some point in the future. 

It has become noticeable from around version 1.17, but I feel that there are many cases where the additions have been postpon even if the content is announce recently, or it is not at the time of the test version.

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Minecraft Fireflies 1.19: Mojang Removes from The Wild Update

Final Thought

Since the implementation of the archeology system that I was looking forward to has been not coming soon. So, I can understand the sad feeling painfully, but until is the latest update comes, it is the content of the “update schedule”.

I don’t think Mojang likes to forgo additional elements or decides they didn’t, so if that happens, there’s no choice but to divide it.

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