Where to Find Minecraft Axolotl in Cliffs and Cave Update?

Minecraft Axolotl in Cliffs and Cave Update
Where to Find Minecraft Axolotl in Cliffs and Cave Update?

This is an article about the animal Axolotl that appears in Minecraft. (Compatible with ver.1.18 and above) Explains the characteristics of Axolotl, how to find it, and points to keep. It’s a quite rare mob in Minecraft and players have a hard time finding it and bringing them home. So, if you want the most efficient way to get your hands on Axolotl then keep reading this blog post till the end. 

The axolotl is an aquatic creature implemented in the first cave and cliff update. Today it only inhabits overgrown caves. (After the second adaptation of the cave and cliff update). It is an animal with many characteristics such as attacking other aquatic organisms, pretending to be dead, and being able to operate on land. Axolotl attacks other fish and squids, so be careful when keeping it.

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How to Find Axolotl in Minecraft and Bring them Home? 

Axolotl only appears in the water above clay blocks in overgrown caves. Overgrown caves are lush caves such as glow berries, moss blocks, and drip leaves. When searching, you can either look for the “azalea tree” that is generated only on the overgrown cave or look for the glow berries or moss blocks that are generated at the entrance of the cave. 

To bring the Axolotl home, right-click on the bucket of water toward the Axolotl and you can bring it back like a bucket of Axolotl. You can also use a neck strap (lead), but the bucket is an item, so it’s easier to take it home.

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How To Breed (& Increase) Axolotl In Minecraft? (2022)
How To Breed (& Increase) Axolotl In Minecraft? (2022)

Key Points when Keeping an Axolotl in Minecraft

Be sure to keep in mind when keeping an axolotl in an aquarium. Here are some tips you must keep in your mind before doing anything with Axolotl: 

#01. Be careful when putting it in the same aquarium as other animals

Be careful when putting the Axolotl in the same aquarium as other animals.

Axolotl has the property of attacking other animals, so if you notice it, it can be wiped out except for Axolotl. To prevent death, do not put the animals in the same aquarium as the ones listed below.

  1. Squid
  2. The Glow Squid (squid that emits light)
  3. Cod
  4. Salmon
  5. Tropical fish
  6. Pufferfish
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This is all you need to know about the Axolotl in Minecraft and important precautions. It’s quite a rare mob and needs extra care in comparison to other pets in the game. Furthermore, it’s harmful to other pets and that’s why it needs to be in isolation. If you want to read more tutorials on Minecraft then make sure to check out the special Minecraft Section. There you will learn about the latest update, top listicles, and tutorials on Minecraft. 

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