Twitch Streamer LuluLuvely Goes Insane With Apex Legends

Apex Legends Streamer Lindsey “LuluLuvely” is back from her vacation. Lulu is going full throttle with her Apex streams and the content. Born on October 10, 1993, LuluLuvely hails from Texas, United State. Lulu is an American Esports Athlete who is currently a streamer for NRG. The current article features how this raging star has gained popularity through Apex Legends.

Why does the gaming community like her content? Lulu started playing Apex Legends for fun just as a regular gamer would do. Lulu got into the competitive scene, followed by streaming the game on Twitch.

Caustic Main
Caustic Main

She gained insane popularity for her Caustic plays and her skills when it comes down to handling the renowned Sniper-Rifle known as “The Kraber”. She got titled with the name “The Kraber Queen” for her insane slick shots.

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LuluLuvely’s Throwdown Apex Legends Tournament

Top Female Streamer

NRG streamer LuluLuvely collaborated with EA Games and threw a $100,000 Apex Legends tournament for top players and streamers to prove why theyโ€™re the best. Team Imperial Hal took the top spot in this tournament.

As the streamers were highly skilled viewers enjoyed the tournament. Streamers even got more fame because of the Tourney. Lulu got featured in a lot of videos with NRG Aceu. She played with Aceu in many tournaments as an NRG member and later has taken the role of content creator and streams regularly on Twitch. Here’s a short clip featuring NRG Aceu and NRG lulu trying to guess the name of the guns in Apex Legends based on the sound they hear while shooting the weapon.

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Recently Lulu Has gained a new title that was never ever achieved by a female streamer in Apex Legends History. The Kraber Queen reigns on Twitch by becoming the most viewed female streamer in Apex Legends. Much more NEWS regarding Apex Legends will be coming up soon.

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