League of Legends New Champions: A new Assassin Midlaner, Vampiric Jungler, and more!

There are a lot League of Legends New Champions on the way and we discuss some of the leaks.

League of Legends New Champions
LoL (image via/ Riot)

League of Legends has a roster of over +160 champions, and the list keeps growing every few months. With every big patch, there is a small chance of Riot revealing a new champion, or giving the fans a small teaser. Here are some recent leaks on League of Legends New Champions and some unique ones are rumored to release.

With the growing roster of champions, Riot still manages to surprise their fans. Their concepts are getting more complicated as seen with Aphelios and Milio. However, the latest champ that will be releasing has a relatively simple kit, but looks equally as fun.

League of Legends New Champions 

YouTube: League of Legends

Riot’s design team is one of the best, and all of their releases in the past three years have been amazing. Although several champs needed buffs and nerfs, and some broke the game, it cannot be argued that the design team did a fantastic job. With new champions being leaked, some small descriptions are the only thing we get.

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Although, Riot always releases a trailer to tease the champion, several forums have data on the champions that might release in the future. We explore some very probable ones, and also the newest champion confirmed by Riot Games.


League of Legends New Champions
League of Legends New Champions: Naafiri (image via. win.gg)

Naafiri is the latest champion to be revealed and will be in the game within two more weeks. She is a full fledged dog, with spiky blades that she uses as a weapon. Featuring a kit with ample burst and mobility, she has already become a favorite mid lane pick in the play tests. Although her damage numbers look quite balanced, only her full fledged release will say the true story. Is this going to be a viable champion in mid-lane, or will it be overpowered and nerfed instantly? For now we love her amazing animations when fighting and also when emoting.

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Rumored Champions

YouTube: Necrit

With Naafiri’s release, there have been rumors of future champions floating through many subreddits and forums. Some of them have been directly teased by Riot’s dev members, but most details are kept in the dark.

Briar is a new jungle champion that is rumored to release next. She will be a vampire jungler, and has been teased by the dev team. Some details also point that she might be a bruiser, with ample damage and tank stats. Although the date of her release is not confirmed as of yet, she is potential confirmed for release in the future.

There are also some rumors of a mid lane champion, which is going to be a Art Mage. Like many mages they will be a Ability Damage carry, but their visual effects and powers will be quite unique.

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With new champs on the line, League of Legends has some exciting patches ahead.

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