What are the Rewards and Benefits of XBox Game Pass League of Legends?

The XBox Game Pass League of Legends has a variety of rewards that players can unlock new champion with.

xbox game pass league of legends
League of Legends (image via. Xbox.com)

League of Legends has a ton of collaborations that are beneficial mostly for the players. These include some great rewards that gift players with in-game skins, premium currency, and much more. XBox Game Pass is known for its wide variety of games, and discounts as well. Many of the games are offered for free and some multiplayer games have huge rewards waiting for players to redeem.

Xbox and Riot Games have collaborated to put out some great content for players who are a Game Pass member. Players who have a account with Game Pass activated, can redeem some great rewards. To collect the rewards players simply need to be a member of the XBox Pass and have a membership. This membership also allows you to redeem rewards from other Riot Games like Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

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XBox Game Pass League of Legends: All Rewards

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The XBox Game Pass League of Legends has a ton of rewards for players and will be unlocked when players simply take a membership. The strategy game has a ton of champions that players can use which have a variety of abilities. So getting all the champions is a great advantage for many players.

One of the most competitive games in the world, has over 160 champions in it pool. The XBox benefits include the following:

  • All 160+ Championsย 
  • Day-one access to every new champions as it’s released
  • 20% XP Boost

Buying the Game Pass allows your account to have all the champions at once. You need not wait forever to unlock all the champions one by one. The players will also get the new champions that come out for free on day one.

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Naafiri is the recent champion that will be releasing in a few days, and players with Xbox Pass will get it for free on day one itself. This allows you to test out all the abilities before other players can try out or buy the champion. This is a huge benefit for content creators as well, who might want to start playing the champion on day one.

Apart from these League of Legends rewards, players can also get cosmetics, agents, card packs, and XP boosts in Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics.

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