S Gamer Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, And More!

S Gamer Free Fire
14/03/2023 / S Gamer Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, And More! / Source: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire, a battle royale game developed by Garena, has taken the sub-continent by storm in recent times. The game’s fashionability has given rise to several prominent content generators.

Including MdSharik, who has established himself as one of the top Free Fire You Tubers. Another similar content creator is S Gamer. He has gained a massive following on YouTube and Instagram, thanks to his amusing and instructional Free Fire content.

S Gamer Free Fire MAX Stats

S Gamer’s Free Fire MAX ID is 771775406, and he’s ranked Diamond 1 in BR- Ranked Season 32 and Heroic in CS- Ranked Season 17. He leads the ZG Esports council in the game, which has an ID of 1010931978.

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His stats in the game are emotional, with a palm rate of 5.58 in single games,9.77 in brace matches, and 17.75 in team hassles. His K/ D rate is also emotional, with 1.82 in single games,2.35 in brace matches, and 3.19 in team games.

S Gamer Free Fire YouTube Channel

S Gamer began posting Free Fire-related videos on YouTube many times agone and has since gained a massive following. His YouTube channel presently has over 500k subscribers.

He has posted over 1800 videos to date, performing in an emotional 32 million views. S Gamer’s content’s varied, he produces attendants and event highlights. Also, point videos that cover all aspects of the game.

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S Gamer’s Instagram

S Gamer also has a significant following on Instagram, with over 32.1 k followers. He uses his Instagram account to partake in regular videos pressing ongoing and forthcoming events and features in the game.

His Instagram account also features images and videos of himself and his fellow content generators. Furnishing a before-the-scenes look at the Free Fire community.

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S Gamer is a prominent Free Fire content creator who has gained a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. His emotional Free Fire MAX stats and amusing content. Helped him establish himself as one of the top Free Fire YouTubers in the sub-continent.

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With his harmonious upload schedule and instructional content. S Gamer is sure to continue entertaining and educating Free Fire suckers for times to come. This is all you need to know about the S Gamer and his YouTube channel. If you want to read more Free Fire articles then make sure to check out our Free Fire page. Where you will get the latest updates along with tips and tricks on Free Fire.

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