How to Get The Burning Heart Crossbow Skin In Free Fire?

Head on to this article for the details and the steps to get the Burning Heart Crossbow Skin In Free Fire!

Burning Heart Crossbow Free Fire
Burning Heart Crossbow Free Fire

How to Get The Burning Heart Crossbow Skin In Free Fire: Recently, an all new crossbow skin had launched in Free Fire that themes upon a combination of a burning heart as the name suggests. Head on to this article to know how to get this charming skin in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is already one of the top multiplayer games and many players enjoy playing it. Moreover, Free Fire often keeps adding new features and keeps making additions to the game frequently.

Also, they keep adding new theme events, characters, emotes, skins, and more at regular periods of time. Moreover, the Crossbow weapon had added to the game certainly in the last patch.

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And, an all-new magmic skin naming Burning Heart Crossbow skin had launched earlier today in Free Fire. Players can get this charming skin from the store by purchasing them spending a specific amount of diamonds.

Therefore, here are the details and steps to get the all new magmic Crossbow skin In Free Fire.

Burning Heart Crossbow Skin In Free Fire: Details and Steps To Get It:

Players can get this volcanic magma Burning heart skin from the store by spending diamonds. Moreover, if the players are lucky and the fortune supports them, players can get the Skin itself from the weapon loot crate.

If not, then players would receive the Burning Heart Tokens from the weapon loot crate. Players can exchange 100 Burning heart tokens to get the crossbow skin from the weapon crate.

Moreover, the weapon loot crate contains the burning heart crossbow skin and the tokens with the following frequencies.

  • Burning Heart permanent skin
  • Burning Heart Token x1
  • Burning Heart Token x2
  • Burning Heart Token x3
  • Burning Heart Token x4
  • Burning Heart Token x5
  • Burning Heart Token x10

Each buy in this weapon crate costs 25 diamonds and here are the steps to get it.

Step-1 – Firstly, log in to Free Fire and players will head to the home screen.

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Step-2 – On the home screen, navigate to the Store option on the left side of the screen,

Step-3 – After opening the Store, click on the Crates tab on the top right and then on the Burning Heart Crate in the panel down below.

Step-4 – Thereby, players can proceed further by clicking on purchase.

Therefore, players can easily get the Burning Heart Crossbow Skin by following these steps!

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