How To Get The All in Control Emote In Free Fire? Detailed Steps

Follow up on this article to know how to get the All In Control Event and the details about the Cyber Rocker Star Event!

 All in Control Emote Free Fire
All in Control Emote Free Fire

How To Get All in Control Emote In Free Fire: Recently, an all new Moco event naming Cyber Rocker Star event had launched in Free Fire and it features various rewards and also an exclusive All in Control emote.

Therefore, follow up on this article to know how to get the All in Control emote and details about the event.

Garena Free Fire is already one of the top grossing games and many players enjoy playing it. Moreover, Free Fire often keeps adding new features and keeps making additions to the game frequently.

Also, they keep adding new theme events, characters, emotes, skins, and more at regular periods of time. As a result, an all new Moco event naming Cyber Rocker Star Event had launched in Free Fire.

The brand new event has themed upon the rebirth of Moco in Free Fire and thereby features a variety of new and glamourous items, skins, and emote. It also features a brand new and charming All in Control Emote.

Here are the details about the Cyber Rocker Star Event and Steps to Get All in One Event in Free Fire:

The Cyber Rocker Star event is already live in Free Fire and will be live till 19 September. The overall event features a set of various rewards concluding skins, camos, and emotes. Here is the list of all the rewards in the overall event.

  • Cube Fragment
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry by 31 October 2021)
  • AI Gun Box
  • Party Animal Gun Box
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry by 31 October 2021)
  • Motor Bike – Moco Month
  • Plasma Ball Loot Box
  • AUG – Cosmic Teleportia
  • Moco’s Arc
  • All in Control emote

Players can gain these rewards by spinning the faded wheel in the event by spending a certain amount of diamonds. The first spin will be free and the second spin will cost 20 diamonds per spin.

Consequently, the price per spin will keep increasing and at last players can get the All in control emote at 700 diamonds guaranteed as it is the grand prize among the event. Here are the steps to get this event.

Step-1 – Log in to the game and click on the Cyber Rocker Star event banner on the home screen.

Step-2 – Thereafter, head to the faded wheel section and proceed to spinning.

Step-3 – Add a certain amount of diamonds to your account that players wish to spend upon the event.

Step-4 – Keep spinning the faded wheel and players can get the exclusive emote.

Thereby, players can easily get the All in Control Emote in Free Fire by the all new Cyber Rocker Star Event!

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