How to hit Drag Headshots in Free Fire Max

Tips To Get More Kills And Headshots In Free Fire MAX
09/12/2022/Players can hit one tap to drag headshots in Free Fire Max/Credits: Dark Tips ff YouTube.

The movement and aiming techniques in Garena Free Fire MAX are quite simple to learn and master. However, they are challenging to master, particularly for novice or rookie players. To improve one’s skills, one must spend time in practice mode.

The one-tap-and-drag headshots in Garena Free Fire MAX are among the most well-liked yet challenging moves to master. It is well knowledge that headshots deal the most harm and eliminate opponents the quickest. Thus, practicing drag shots in Free Fire Max becomes essential for one’s ability despite their high level of difficulty.

Drag Headshots in Free Fire Mx

Since there are no scopes used for the drag shot in the game, “General” sensitivity is crucial for success. Therefore, it is recommended to use a higher “General” sensitivity Additionally, users of less expensive smartphones can increase the settings to 100.

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To better control the character’s movement on the battlefield, the control layout must be optimized for the user’s grip. Players can apply a three-finger claw code and keep a special concentration on the right firing button.

HUD Settings

Additionally, one should keep the keys on the HUD close to the players’ fingers and thumbs. If it fits their grip and comfort level, one can also use a two-finger or four-finger arrangement to control the character and aim.

In the system settings, one should enable “Quick Weapon Switch” under the Controls tab. Since “Quick Weapon Switch” is essential for one tap and drag headshots in Garena Free Fire, gamers must somehow enable the option but also place the key within reach of their fingers or thumbs.

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Readers can go to the detailed instructions on hitting one tap and drag headshots after completing the aforementioned methods. In the in-game practice area, after selecting a weapon, the player must perform the following actions:

Step 1: As you run, pivot to your left or right side and equip the weapon by hitting the “Quick Weapon Switch” key. Watch the dummy opponent on the practice range.

Step 2: Continue sprinting for only a little distance, then jump by pressing the same button, landing only in the direction of the dummy opponent.

Before proceeding to “Step 3,” you must keep in mind that, depending on the color of the crosshair, there are at least two distinct ways to execute a flawless drag shot to hit the enemy’s head. These are both of them:

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Step 3: Aim the crosshair at your opponent’s feet to keep it white. To finish a clean drag shot, you may do the same thing by taking your finger off the screen while pulling up on the trigger fire button.

It is vital to note that all three steps must be carried out as soon as possible. If not, it could be challenging to score headshots. As a result, Free Fire MAX players must put in a lot of effort to learn the move.

To perfect the Free Fire MAX headshot skill, one must also continuously switch the range and weaponry while practicing.

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