How To Get Shadow Striker Bundle In Free Fire? Complete Details

Head on to this article to know how to get the Shadow Striker Bundle in Free Fire!

 Shadow Striker Bundle  Free Fire
Shadow Striker Bundle Free Fire

How To Get Shadow Striker Bundle In Free Fire: Recently, an all new Wonder Wheel event had launched in Free Fire and this spin or event offers certain various shadow striker theme items and rewards.

Head on to this article to know how to get the Shadow Striker Bundle and details regarding the Wonder Wheel event.

Garena Free Fire is already achieving milestones and many players are even enjoying it. Moreover, Free Fire often keeps adding new things, events, avails regularly to the game to maintain the player’s hype and will over the game.

Also, Free Fire OB29 patch update is about to come to an end and the upcoming OB30 patch update will be releasing very soon. The new update will bring a variety of new things in the game featuring various events, spins etc.

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As a result, an all new Wonder Wheel event had launched recently in Free Fire. This event features various rewards and also an exclusive Shadow Striker Bundle.

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Here are the Details about the Event and Steps to Get the Shadow Striker Bundle in Free Fire:

The Wonder Wheel Event is already live in Free Fire and will be live till 3 October. And. the event features various items concluding several Weapon Loot Crates, Diamond Royale Voucher, Magic Cube Fragment, the Maniacs Parachute, the Zombie Corpse Loot Box and the exclusive Shadow Striker Bundle.

Players can gain these rewards by spinning in the wonder wheel event by following the given steps.

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Step-1 – Firstly, log in to the game and click on the Calendar icon on the home screen.

Step-2 – Further, head to the events tab and click on the the Wonder Wheel option.

Step-3 – Head to the wonder wheel spin and keep spinning until the players wish to by using the diamonds.

Therefore, players can easily get the charming Shadow Striker Bundle from the Wonder Wheel event in Free Fire!

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