All New Sensei Top Up Event In Free Fire: Complete Details

Head on to this article for the details regarding the Sensei Top Up Event In Free Fire.

Sensei Top Up Event In Free Fire
Sensei Top Up Event In Free Fire

All New Sensei Top Up Event In Free Fire: Recently, an all new top up event naming Sensei event had launched in Free Fire and that features brand new adorable fury pets and emotes.

Follow up on this article to know how to get these cute emotes and pets and details about the top up event.

Free Fire is already achieving milestones and players are even enjoying this game and the exceptional features and items, that developers are adding on a regular basis to the game.

Moreover, the OB29 update is live currently and the next OB30 update is about to launch very soon in Free Fire. While the developers are continuously adding new characters, pets,  emotes, skins and more items through regular events.

Consequently, Free Fire is currently celebrating the return of Moco character in Free Fire. And, thereby launching a couple of events on Moco’s theme.

Also, all new Leon character coming in Free Fire in OB30 update! Click on the link to check details!

Meanwhile, along with new characters, recently an all new Sensei top up event had launched in Free Fire. This event offers some brand new fury legendary pets and emotes.

Therefore, here are the details about the new event and steps to top up and get these items.

Here are the Details Regarding the Sensei Top Up Event in Free Fire:

The Sensei top up event is already live currently in Free Fire and will end on 28 September with the release of the upcoming new patch update.

The event features three new Sensei pets one naming Fire Sensei Tig , the other naming Ice Sensei Tig, and the third one naming Sensei Tig. Precisely, one looks rapid like a fire while the other one looks pleasant like ice. And the third one is just a normal adorable pet.

Moreover, the event even features their respective show off emote with the Sensei Tig. Meanwhile, players can get these legendary pets and emotes for free exclusively. But, players need to perform a top up of certain diamonds as given below.

  • Top Up 500 Diamonds – Fire Sensei Tig and show off emote
  • Top-up 300 diamonds – Ice Sensei Tig
  • Top-up 100 diamonds – Sensei Tag

Here are the Steps to Top Up and Get the Sensei Tig in Free Fire:

Step- 1 – Log in to free fire and head on the home screen.

Step-2 – Click on the diamonds icon on the top of screen and select the amout of diamonds that players wish to top up and proceed the payment.

Step-3 – After completing the payment, head on the calendar section and look for the Sensei top up event tab.

Step-4 – Thereby, players can get the respective Sensei Tig or emote in Free Fire from the event tab.

Therefore, players can easily top up and get the adorable Sensei pets and emotes!

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