Free Fire help center: Special airdrops new updates

free fire special airdrops
More information about Free Fire help center Special airdrops(Image Via Moroesports).

Special airdrops are in-game events where players can use specific items to win random prizes. To find these airdrops, explore the map and open them by using the right key.

To join a Special Airdrop, players must first approach it and use the “Use” button. Then they’ll be given access to the airdrop’s contents, which may include anything from gun skins to character packages. Players can only take one thing from the Special Airdrop.

These airdrops are not always accessible, and they only appear during particular occasions. They do, however, provide a simple method for gamers to obtain unique rewards.

So, there you have it! Keep an eye out for Special Airdrops the next time you’re playing Free Fire to get your hands on some fantastic rewards.

Discounted rates

Airdrops are randomly generated collectibles that appear on the lobby’s main screen for a 24 hour period at discounted rates. If you purchase one of these items and don’t receive your rewards, reach out to the Help Center as soon as possible for assistance.

If you’re having trouble obtaining Special Airdrops or other prizes in Free Fire/Free Fire MAX, don’t fret – this is a common issue that can be quickly remedied.

The first step is to contact the developer’s team via the FF/FF MAX Help Center. Make a request there, and the team will investigate your problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

In most circumstances, the problem is with the payment system and can be resolved quickly. However, if you are still having difficulties after sending a request, you may contact the developer’s staff by email or on social media. They will be delighted to assist you.

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If you’ve been experiencing trouble receiving special airdrops or other rewards in Free Fire/Free Fire MAX, reach out to the developer’s team for assistance.

Special airdrops using tips

  • Special airdrop difficulties in Garena Free Fire can be obtained by following these steps:
  • Use any internet browser to open the FF/FF MAX Help Center by clicking this link.
  • Go to the official website and sign in by tapping on the “Sign In” button located in the top-right corner.
  • Use any of the following platforms to access the Help Center: Google (Gmail), Facebook, Twitter, VKnApple , IDnHuawei ID
  • Make sure your Player ID is linked to the platform you’re using to log in. As a result, if you’re using a guest account in the game, you’ll need to connect it with a platform before entering the Help Center.
  • To submit a request, log in and go to the homepage. Click on your Player ID, and then select “Submit a Request.”
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Here are the sub issues for Special Airdrops to consider depending on the issue you’re having.

  • (incomplete item) Purchased two Special Airdrops but only received one
  • (multiple charged) Purchased two Special Airdrops but never received the items
  • (multiple charged) Purchaser three or more times of a Special Airdrop.

Fill in the transaction record’s serial number, payment evidence (receipt screenshot), and a description of the problem. You can submit the request after double-checking the information and waiting for a response from the developer’s team. On the homepage, you can see whether your requests have been accepted via My Requests.

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