How to get perfect League of Legends Ping and how to fix it?

Here are some tips to fix or reduce your League of Legends ping.

League of Legends Ping
Summoner’s Rift League of Legends (image via. LoL)

League of Legends is a real-time multiplayer online Battle arena, where players battle to be the winner. In every multiplayer game, your network connection plays an important factor. You can be really good at the game, but if you have a poor connection, you are a step behind your opponents. Here is how to fix you League of Legends Ping and also reduce it to enhance your experience.

League of Legends, has a inbuilt ping and FPS (Frames per Second) feature, where you can check your own parameters. Often times, players will get great FPS, but very high ping as well. This can cause your game to lag significantly, as you might notice your movements are slow compared to your opponents. This is a serious issue and needs to fixed immediately.

How to know your League of Legends Ping?

The League of Legends client has a inbuilt ping and fps display, which can be toggled on and off. You can monitor it throughout your whole game in order to know your ping spikes and lags.

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There are two ways of doing it. First you can go to Settings menu in-game by pressing Esc key. Then go to Display and locate the “Toggle FPS Display” tab. Turn the tab On in order to display your ping on the top right side of the screen.

Another simpler method is to use the Shortcut Ctrl+F while in-game. This will toggle the option to On and you can see the ping on the top right side.

How to fix your LoL Ping?

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Many factors can influence you ping in multiplayer games. Some might be very basic, but some might be more complicated. We list a list of possible reasons why you might be getting higher ping, and then how to fix these problems.

Changing Server Region

One of the most common causes of high-ping is the server region. League of Legends has many servers worldwide, and it is always recommended to find the server closest to you. This is because the closer you are to the server, the less ping you get. Naturally if you have an account on NA server while being in Asia, you will get a very high ping.

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Riot Games facilitates transferring your account data through regions. It is free one time and will cost the players after the first one. It is therefore, recommended that you try out a closer server if possible.

To know the best server, you can try to ping them manually using the Run command prompt. To do this, click on the Windows + R shortcut on your PC home screen. This will open the Run menu on the bottom left. In the box type ‘cmd‘ and click Enter. This will open a black box, where you need to type the following:

  • NA: pingΒ 
  • EU: ping
  • EUNE: ping
  • LAN: ping
  • OCE: ping
  • BR: ping

After this click enter, and you can check the ping you will get on different servers.

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Internet Connectivity

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The second most common cause of high LoL ping is your Internet connectivity. A smooth internet connection will give you low ping and smooth gameplay. However, in some cases you might be facing a minor issue that doesn’t require calling your ISP.

If you have a wireless internet connectivity set-up, then you will get a higher ping. If you can connect your ethernet cable directly into your device, the ping will be reduced significantly.

Another cause of the internet lag might be because of some update or downloads running in the background. You can check your Task Manager, and ensure that no additional downloads are running during your playtime.

The Windows Firewall and Antiviruses can sometimes cause issue as well. Try turning these off and then running the game. VPNs can also affect ping, so it is advisable to turn it off during playing.

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