How to Get MAC10 Mind’s Eye Techno Sickle in Free Fire MAX

Get MAC10 Mind's Eye Techno Sickle in Free Fire MAX
02/03/2023/ Get MAC10 Mind’s Eye Techno Sickle in Free Fire MAX / Credits – Garena

The Luck Royale is back in the battle royale game, proving that the latest revelations concerning the Free Fire MAX Faded Wheel were accurate once more. The MAC10 – Mind’s Eye and Techno Sickle are the two amazing major prizes offered by the Luck Royale, as promised by the leaks.

The initial spin of Luck Royale is not free, in contrast to many other editions. The awards from the prize pool are only available to participants who have diamonds in their wallets.

Get MAC10 Mind’s Eye Techno Sickle in Free Fire MAX

On the Indian server, work is now being done on the new Free Fire MAX Faded Wheel, which includes the MAC10 – Mind’s Eye and Techno Sickle. The first day was March 2, 2023. As it’s a Luck Royale event, all of the prizes must be purchased. And participants may still participate in it till March 8, 2023.

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Apart from the pistol and melee weapon skins, the event offers eight other awards. You might not be able to collect them all, though, since in this Luck Royale. Participants must take away two undesirable gifts before spinning the wheel.

The following group of prizes are included in the prize pool for the current Free Fire MAX Faded Wheel:

  • MAC10 – Mind’s Eye
  • Melody Blast parachute
  • Techno Sickle
  • Full Stealth Backpack
  • Cube Fragment
  • Pumpkin Flames Weapon Loot Crate
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry date: March 31, 2023)
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Victory Wings Loot Crate
  • Pet Food

The cost of the first spin is nine diamonds. The final eight spins will cost 499 diamonds, steadily increasing the cost of receiving the rewards. This can be linked to the fact that there won’t be any duplicates of the particular products, increasing the likelihood that grand prizes will be won.

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Eight goods, including the rifle skin and sickle, may be purchased for a total of only 1082 diamonds.

Steps to Get MAC10 Mind’s Eye Techno Sickle

You may complete these thorough methods to obtain the mythological gun skin and melee weapon skin in Free Fire MAX:

  • Step 1: Go into your Free Fire MAX account and select the Luck Royale option from the menu on the screen’s left side.
  • Step 2: You must choose the entry that says “Mind’s Eye MAC10” from a lengthy list of events that will be seen on the screen.
  • Step 3: Choose two undesirable awards from the list of 10 alternatives, as you would with any other Faded Wheel, and then confirm your choice.
  • Step 4: After determining the prize pool, you can spin the required number of times to get the products that are offered.
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Given the scarcity of the commodities, it is a terrific value that all eight payouts are assured in just eight spins. Using the Armory tab in the weapon area, the legendary MAC10 – Mind’s Eye and Techno Sickle may be outfitted.

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