How to Get Free Vouchers in Free Fire MAX Pet Mania Mode

Get Free Vouchers in Free Fire MAX Pet Mania Mode
01/04/2023/ Get Free Vouchers in Free Fire MAX Pet Mania Mode / Credits – Garena

Garena has launched the Free Fire MAX OB39 update with several new modes to provide gamers with much-needed diversity. As usual, the devs released the mode along with a ton of brand-new events to encourage people to participate in the modes.

Play Puppy Mania is one such brand-new event that just went live in the game today. By playing the game for a specified amount of time, customers can win a variety of Free Fire MAX vouchers as rewards.

Free Vouchers in Free Fire MAX Pet Mania Mode

On March 31, 2023, Garena released a fresh Play Pet Mania event. Gamers will have until April 7, 2023, at 3:59 AM IST to complete the assignments and obtain the four awards. Players may accrue playtime and earn gifts by playing the Pet Mania game.

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Here are the new Free Fire MAX event’s conditions and rewards:

  • You may earn a free Random Loadout Loot Crate by playing Pet Mania for five minutes.
  • Play Pet Mania for 10 minutes to receive a free Diamond Royale Coupon (Expiry date: April 30, 2023)
  • Play PetΒ Mania for 20 minutes to receive a free Weapon Royale voucher (Expiry date: April 30, 2023)
  • Play Pet Mania for 30 minutes to receive a free Incubator Voucher (Expiry date: April 30, 2023)

Playing the mode will meet all four qualifications because these prerequisites are sequential, and you will get the coupons for free.

Given that the event will be available for a while, playing Pet Mania for 30 minutes is not difficult. Also, using these coupons collectively to make spins in Luck Royale rather than the in-game premium cash, you will save a few hundred diamonds.

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How to play Pet Mania mode and get free vouchers

To obtain free coupons in Free Fire MAX through the new event, please follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Get into your Free Fire MAX account and go to the mode selection screen.
  • Step 2: Choose Pet Mania from the list of possibilities to get the necessary playtime for the current event. The event UI itself has a progress bar for you to see where you are at.
  • Step 3: You can enter the event location if you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites for the playtime.
  • Step 4: Browse the section until you find the Pet Mania tab.
  • Step 5: Click the claim icon next to the prizes to get the vouchers.
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These coupons are temporary, and to make spins and obtain rewards at random, you must use them through the appropriate Luck Royales before the expiration date.

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