How to Get Free Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX

How to Get Free Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX
18/02/2023/ How to Get Free Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX / Credits – Garena

In Free Fire MAX, the Booyah Pass offers players a ton of value and is one of the most practical and economical ways to buy things. On the Indian server, customers may purchase the premium pass for just 499 diamonds or upgrade to the premium plus for 999 diamonds.

In all variations, players may obtain two clothes as well as a ton of additional intriguing items, such as a surfboard, parachute, bag, and more. Moreover, they only last for approximately a month. Thus, there are several ways to get expensive in-game cosmetics. Booyah Pass Season 2 is now under progress, and Season 3 will debut on March 1 of 2023.

Get Free Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX

To use the previously amassed in-game cash and get alluring benefits, you must first obtain free diamonds. The following are some of the finest methods for getting free diamonds:

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Redeem code and Advance Server

Garena occasionally posts alphanumeric codes known as redeem codes on its social media accounts during live streams, esports competitions, and other events. These coupons have to be redeemed via the official Rewards Redemption Portal, a website solely for that purpose.

These redemption coupons may earn you nearly anything, from high-end cosmetics to a straightforward certificate. Users may occasionally obtain Booyah Passes and premium in-game money.

For instance, Garena released Free Fire MAX redemption codes every hour as part of the Light Fest countdown, which rewarded diamonds and Elite Pass (the forerunner to Booyah Pass) as prizes.

The Free Fire Advance Server, on the other hand, is a beta client where users may test out different new features before they are added to the main client. To be eligible for free diamonds, report defects and malfunctions with this client via the official website.

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As a result, the players are in a win-win position since they can test the new features and have a chance to earn diamonds.

Other Ways to get Free Booyah Pass

Players of Free Fire MAX frequently use Google Opinion Points to obtain inexpensive diamonds. To earn Google Play Credits, which can be used to buy diamonds in the battle royale game, you must respond to brief and easy surveys.

Users get access to a number of other services and programs, like Mistplay, Swagbucks, and more. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t employ illegal apps.

Steps to purchase Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX

If you have enough diamonds, you may purchase the Booyah Pass by following the instructions below:

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Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and go to the Booyah Pass area.

Step 2: Choose the “Upgrade” option next to “Claim All.”

On the screen, there will be a two-pass choice. Users of the premium edition of the pass can level up their BP to level 120. The notification of your removal will also include a special emblem next to your name.

The premium plus variation, on the other hand, includes all of the premium variant’s benefits. It makes the choice to raise the pass to level 170 available.

Step 3: To upgrade the pass, click the button next to your desired option and then confirm the transaction.

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