How To Download GFX Tool Pro for BGMI?

Improve your performance in BGMI with the GFX Tool Pro and download it for free.| Credit: BGMI

Bad game graphics, not having the powerful configuration to play BGMI – yes. So, here is the solution GFX Tool. Don’t have good Android or using an old iPhone is not the problem now as this tool supports customizations. That helps them to explore the various Internet censorship forms, and control the network speed, etc. Alongside increased resolution and shading that make gameplay smoother. 

Usually, BGMI has smooth, balancing, HD, Ultra HD, and many more graphics stages. Talk about the Frame rates – It includes all direction movement frames. This provides a colorful, classic, soft look in-game to create a realistic experience for the users. Available colorblind modes in BGMI are normal, deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia. 

Move to GFX Tool the best solution for getting a thrilling experience while playing. BGMI lovers are attracted by its great setting features which help to create a suitable environment to fight in the battle. This tool allows players to slightly change the real setting for good visuals. In-game, its applications can interfere and work smoothly, and others not. 

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GFX Tool Features 

Resolution: It supports the high-resolution which helps to adjust and control the display frame in the screen up to 1080p. Now, players feel the smooth configuration and face no lag during the game. 

HDR Graphics: In low-end phones GFX Tool allows users to get a great graphics experience. It contains a graphics store to provide unlimited graphics special HDR graphics. 

Boost Game Performance: Players face the lag issue, FPS drops, and other while gameplay. So, choose the GFX Tool to increase your gaming performance and stability. Which helps the players focus on the gameplay rather than face problems.

BGMI: Download GFX Tool Pro

Improve your performance with the GFX Tool. If you are an Android or iOS user and unable to run heavy applications so, download this free tool. This easy-to-use tool allows users to unlock full HD mode which displays around 60 frames/sec. And adjust the various graphics in-game too. Steps to Install GFX Tool Pro for BGMI 

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In Android or iOS 

  • Open the Play Store or iOS store.
  • Search GFX Tool Pro and click on the result – GFX Tool For PUBG & BGMI.
  • Tap on install and use it. 

Download For PC

  • Go to the official website, and run the EXE file to download GameLoop.
  • Tap to open GameLoop and search – GFX Tool Pro.
  • Click on the result and install it.
  • Then enjoy it.

How to use the GFX Tool for BGMI.

It is a specifically design app. You can use only the application that supports it. This allows you to do your desired game settings and you are also able to save it. Below you can see the steps to use this tool –

  • First, select your game version.
  • Customize the graphics as per like and your phone support.
  • All setting is done, click on the apply button and run the game.


GFX Tool for BGMI is available for the users for free. This will help them to increase their in-game experience, without losing the graphics quality. This tool is free for all Android or iOS users. By using it you can have access to various features such as large resolution (up to 1080p), HDR graphics, enable or disable shadow, and also change the graphics style settings. Anti-aliasing is a part of this new tool setting too. You can easily enable or disable it to make it better with X2, X4, and GPU optimization. Try it now!