Why BGMi Players Should Not Use a GFX Tool

Does using GFX tools in BGMI lead to an account ban?

Implications for BGMI-PUBG Mobile has quickly gained widespread appeal among gamers around the globe due to its top-notch gameplay and graphics. Unfortunately, it can have some lags which may cause issues for those with slower devices; to combat this problem. Many have turned to using GFX tools which are illegal according to Tencent Gaming’s guidelines. Team XO has won PUBG New State.

What is GFX tool? Implications for BGMI

GFX tool is an application that enables full HD graphics and 60 fps settings in PUBG Mobile. It’s available both for Android and iOS, though its use could lead to bans from the game.

Krafton Inc. considers this software program, which modifies in-game files and alters settings, illegal and could result in permanent account suspensions if discovered.

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The GFX tool alters in-game file data and modifies selected graphics and FPS settings according to an algorithm’s selection. Krafton considers this action illegal as it forcibly changes developer-established in-game code to grant an unfair advantage in the game.

On both Playstore and AppStore, there are various GFX tools that enable players to alter in-game settings like full HD graphics, 60 fps, and more. These programs are especially popular among those with weaker mobile devices as they significantly lower graphic quality and visuals while eliminating lag in gameplay.

GFX tools are harmful

GFX tools often push mobile phones beyond their capacity by unlocking HDR and Ulta HD graphics resolution settings that are only available on high-end devices. This can drastically damage the internal components of these devices.

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To avoid such issues, only use a reliable GFX tool that does not alter in-game file data. Furthermore, make sure not to modify any PUBG Mobile files.

One of the top GFX tools for PUBG is Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool, which can be downloaded free and has many features that will enhance your gameplay. It’s user friendly with plenty of settings to tweak.

It supports both the latest versions of PUBG and Android, making it a great option for beginners. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface is straightforward to comprehend and use.

Furthermore, it offers various optimizations such as customizable shadows and anti-aliasing. However, the only downside is that you may lose a few frames of game speed due to Vulkan support – you may need to update your device in order to take advantage of this.

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Another free GFX tool for PUBG is Game Booster 4x Faster Free, a straightforward and user-friendly tool ideal for those who don’t want to get too technical. It has various optimization options which can significantly boost your frame rate and smoothness in the game.

The only drawback to this GFX tool is that it contains ads. However, since you won’t be spending too much time inside of it, this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

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