BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena Day 2: Recap, Standings, Highlights, and More

OnePlus Dominate Arena
28/02/2024 | Catch highlights & standings from Day 2 of BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena, revealing intense battles & rising stars.| Credits: BGMI

Day 2 of the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena, which ended on February 27, 2024, saw some major changes in the rankings. WSB Gaming took the lead with an impressive 91 points, showing great consistency. Orangutan Gaming closely followed in second place with 89 points and three Chicken Dinners, while Mythic Esports secured third place with 88 points.

On the other hand, Uprising Esports faced a setback, dropping to fourth place with 70 points after a disappointing performance. Reckoning Esports, led by Punk, claimed sixth place with 60 points. Revenant, Team Forever, and 8Bit were not far behind with 53, 47, and 45 points respectively.

In contrast, GodLike Esports struggled on Day 2, falling to 12th place with 45 points despite securing 33 kills. Meanwhile, Team Zero, Alibaba Raiders, and Gujarat Tigers found themselves at the bottom with only 38, 35, and 17 points respectively. These teams will need to step up their game in the next two days to climb the leaderboard and remain competitive in the tournament.

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Day 2 Recap: BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena


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Match 6 – Erangel:

Mystic Esports showcased their dominance with an outstanding 21-point victory in OnePlus Dominate Arena, leaving their opponents in awe. Reckoning Esports also put up a strong performance, securing 12 points with six kills. Team Zero and WSB Gaming fought hard and managed to bag 11 and 10 points respectively. Unfortunately, GodLike Esports faced an early elimination, but they’ll surely bounce back.

Match 7 – Miramar:

Orangutan Gaming stole the show with a remarkable 13-point Chicken Dinner, thanks to the impressive kills by Akop and Wizzgod. Meanwhile, Galaxy Esports earned a respectable 11 points, but GodLike Esports struggled and could only muster two points. It was a tough match for them, but they’ll surely come back stronger.

Match 8 – Erangel:

Mystic Esports continued their winning streak, securing their second Chicken Dinner of the day and accumulating an impressive 17 points. DO OR DIE also impressed with 13 points and seven kills, showcasing their determination. GodLike Esports found their form and managed to secure nine crucial points. It’s great to see them bouncing back!

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Match 9 – Sanhok:

WSB Gaming emerged as the victors in an intense battle, earning a well-deserved 19 points, led by Raiden’s four eliminations. Uprising Rivals made a strong comeback with 13 points, proving their resilience. GodLike and Orangutan Gaming posted six and four points respectively, showing their determination to stay in the game.

Match 10 – Erangel:

Orangutan Gaming ended the day on a high note with an impressive win, earning a whopping 20 points. Mystic and Team Galaxy followed closely with 15 and 14 points respectively, showcasing their skills. WSB secured 13 points, proving their consistency. However, it was a tough day for GodLike Esports as they failed to score any points. They’ll need to regroup and come back stronger tomorrow.


Day 2 of the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena was full of surprises as WSB Gaming took the lead with 91 points, leaving Orangutan Gaming and Mythic Esports closely behind. Uprising Esports slipped to fourth place, while Reckoning Esports and other teams showed their resilience.

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Mystic Esports and Orangutan Gaming stole the show with their stellar performances, clinching Chicken Dinners and crucial points. On the other hand, GodLike Esports struggled, finishing in 12th place despite their hard work.

Looking forward in OnePlus Dominate Arena, GodLike Esports, Team Zero, Alibaba Raiders, and Gujarat Tigers need to step up their game to move up the rankings. With two more days to go, the competition is heating up, and every point matters.

To sum up, Day 2 marked WSB Gaming’s dominance, while the rest of the teams experienced a mix of successes and setbacks. The upcoming days promise thrilling battles and opportunities for teams to shine in OnePlus Dominate Arena, making it an exciting tournament to follow.

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