Heist Royale Free Fire: How To Get Money Heist Bundles In Free Fire?

Heist Royale Free Fire
Heist Royale Free Fire

Money Heist bundles in Free Fire: Free Fire recently launched an all-new event with the name Heist Royale. The grand prize of the Heist Royale features all the Money Heist bundles. Besides, all the Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration items will return this week as the Garena Free Fire officially announced their collaboration return with the Money Heist a few days ago. Also, a few missions will be added to the game for free rewards. (Animalmedicalcenterinc) So, let us discuss the details about the new Heist Royale Free Fire.

Moreover, the Heist Royale event will be available for a certain time only. The Heist Royale has been launched on 2 December in the game. This royale will be available till 8 December. Even so, players require to spend diamonds in this royale to unlock the Money Heist rewards.

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Heist Royale Free Fire:

The Heist Royale features all the exclusive items of the previous Plan Bermuda event in Free Fire. The emotes, surfboard, rare bundles, and much more Plan Bermuda prizes have been added to this royale. The Grand Prizes of this royale are listed below.

  • Plan Bermuda Bundle
  • I’m Rich emote 
  • Plan Bermuda Street Male Bundle
  • Plan Bermuda Street Female Bundle
  • Raining Cash Surfboard
  • Plan Bermuda Shinobi Bundle
  • Make It Rain emote
  • Plan Bermuda Kunoichi Bundle
  • P90- Make It Rain

This event also offers normal prizes for a variety of gun creates. Besides, players may get Heist tokens instead of grand prizes or normal gun crates. The Heist tokens can be used to redeem the grand prizes of this Money Heist event. Players can find this token redemption option in the Heist royale Free Fire redeem section of the Free Fire store.

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One spin in the Heist royale costs 40 diamonds, while the 10+1 spin costs 400 diamonds. Moreover, it is a luck-based royale, players may get any grand prize for a single spin only if they stand lucky. Even so, players can collect the tokens to redeem their desirable grand prize. However, players can get any of the grand prizes when their luck rate reaches 100.

The tokens required per item are listed below:

  • Plan Bermuda Bundle – 90 tokens
  • I’m Rich emote  – 35 tokens
  • Plan Bermuda Street Male Bundle – 75 tokens
  • Plan Bermuda Street Female Bundle – 75 tokens
  • Raining Cash Surfboard – 20 tokens
  • Plan Bermuda Shinobi Bundle – 75 tokens
  • Make It Rain emote – 35 tokens
  • Plan Bermuda Kunoichi Bundle – 75 tokens
  • P90- Make It Rain – 3 tokens
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