Haven Map Valorant: All You Need To Know

Haven Map Valorant
Site C in Haven

Haven Map Valorant: There are a total of six maps in Valorant. They are Haven, Bind, Split, Ascent, Icebox, and Breeze. Haven is the largest map amongst all the six maps of Valorant. There should be a proper selection of agents and guns to conquer this map. Read this article till the end to know the best agents and tactics to conquer this map.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Haven Map in Valorant

Haven Map Valorant
The map looks destroyed after an apocalypse

Like other maps, Haven has also got its own uniqueness. There are a total of three spike planting sites in Heaven. They are Site A, Site B, and Site C. This gives players an advantage to confuse the opponents by their rotations. The only disadvantage in the whole map is that the rotations consume a lot of time which leads to a shortage of time.
In Site A, There are four entries. Meanwhile, Site B has only three entries. Site C has also got four entries.

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Best Agents In Haven In Valorant

Best Agents Valorant
Omen with his flash

Omen: Agents such as Omen play a major role in Haven. Since there are many spots to take care of while entering the site, Omen’s smokes can help a lot. Meanwhile, it can teleport from one side to another side in just a few seconds. Omen can carry the spike and teleport to the different parts of the map and can have an easy plant.

Sage: Sage is an important agent in all the maps. It heals her teammates and makes a wall too. Apart from this, it’s slow orb the enemies speed very slow. Sage can wall one entry of site and stop the rush. Moreover, she can heal her teammates which helps them to fight better. Her ultimate can also revive one teammate.

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Jett: On such a huge map of Haven in Valorant, you need an agent which can travel quickly. Jett’s dash can help to do it a lot. Moreover, the sniping factor is also managed by a Jett. The duelist can also smoke a patch for a short period of time which can help while planting the spike. Her ultimate can be very deadly if Jett’s aim is perfect as her ultimate throws knives at opponents

Raze: Raze has been the most popular duelist in the game. Her all abilities make her one of the best duelists. Her grenade and boombot can help the entry much easier. Moreover, her sachels help her to fly in the air which plays a deadly role. Her double sachel is even deadlier when she uses her ultimate with it.

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Killjoy: Killjoy is been a great sentinel. The agent has got very awesome abilities. Her turret and alarm bot can reveal enemies’ locations and her swamp grenade can cause major damage. Her ultimate can help to take the control of the site as the players have to go out of range or either get detained.

Best Guns To Use On This Map

Best Agents Valorant
Operator in Haven

Snipers like Operator and Marshal can be proved brutal as the map is really very big. Furthermore, Vandal, Phantom, and Guardian should also be used.

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