Valorant Pride Month Celebrations 2023 feature new Player Cards and Gun Buddy!

The Valorant Pride Month Celebrations for 2023 have released new cosmetics and more in the game.

Valorant Pride Month
Valorant Pride Month Cosmetics (image via. gosugamersindia.com)

The Pride month of 2023 is being celebrated by all gaming companies, and Riot is no exception. Valorant has received some new cosmetics that the players can obtain to showcase the celebration of Pride month this year. Here are the necessary steps to obtain the new Pride Player Cards and Gun Buddy from the Valorant Pride Month Celebrations 2023.

Riot has always celebrated Pride month, and this year they have brought back some of the best looking player cards and gun buddies.

How to get the Valorant Pride Month Celebrations 2023 player cards and gun buddy?

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There are numerous rewards available under this event. The complete list is as follows:

  • Rainbow card
  • Sunset Card
  • Mint Card
  • Twilight Card
  • Sherbet Card
  • Primary Card
  • Galactic Card
  • Cotton Candy Card
  • Proud Title
  • Ally Title
  • Proud and Fierce Title
  • Pride 20233 Buddy
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All of these cards represent a Pride flag and you can equip the one you like the best.

To obtain these items you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open Valorant and navigate to the in-game Store.
  • You need to scroll away from the Magepunk collection and you will find the Pride collection next to it.
  • You can simply select the collection and buy it, as it costs zero credits and is free.
  • Simply agree to the terms and conditions and check the box, and you will obtain all the cosmetics in the Valorant Pride Month Celebrations 2023.
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