Valorant Lore: The Hidden Story of Riot’s Valorant

Valorant Lore
Story of Valorant

Valorant Lore: Most people want to know about the actual story behind the Valorant which is hidden. The 5vs 5 tactical shootout game has become one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. But few know the hidden story behind the Valorant game. So, let’s take a look at the hidden lore of Valorant.

Valorant Lore: Everything You Need To Know About Hidden Story of Valorant

Valorant Lore Hidden story
Valorant agents

Riot games developed the Valorant and it has its own universe unlike League of Legends. Also, Valorant is based in the future and we play the game on our own planet Earth. In the beta version, players spotted a calendar on the split map of the year 2053. Now, the calendar is only with the month and the year is removed.

The story is set after an apocalyptic incident struct the earth. After the event, a material that emerged from nowhere called Radiante became very rare and expensive. Also, Radiante can give the humans superpower and make them Radiants and that’s the reason everyone is after Radiante.

Further in the Valorant lore, and in the world of Earth, an organization started named Valorant to keep an eye on Radiants and Radiante. Moreover, Valorant was fighting with some superpowers and that is why they hired agents which have superpowers. All the agents have different powers but all of them were not born hero and some of them evolved later.

What Are The Green Boxes in Valorant?

Valorant Story
Green Boxes At Spike Spot

As we look on the map Haven, we can see some wires going into the spike sites which have the radiant boxes. Which makes us believe that the apocalypse was not natural. All the green boxes in Valorant where we plant the spikes are actually Radiante boxes.

Maps like Bind are called Radiante refinery. The spike site B is similar to a laboratory. Furthermore, the Kingdom of Valorant is destroying the place and the locals are protesting for it including agent Cypher. Posters in Bind suggest that protestors are also against the Radiante crates. So, this is it in the Valorant lore till now and we will try to deliver more hidden stories of Valorant.

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